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East Silver is the only documentary market to support Eastern European
producers and distributors – video library, online database
accesible for the whole year, catalogue sent to the key European buyers,
festival directors and distributors. It takes place in Jihlava, Czech
Republic annually.

We are now CALLING FOR ENTRIES 2007.

The submission is FREE for applicable films (production year 2006 – 2007,
English subtitles). Further information, guidelines and submission form
are available at Submit your films through our on-line
ENTRY FORM here§_id=7

Submission deadline 30th June, 2007!

Kind regards,

Anna Kaslova
East Silver Assistant
gsm: +420 777 211 077

EAST SILVER Doc.Market, October 24 – 28 2007
Skolska 12
110 01 Prague 1
Czech Republic


Even though in our 21st Century discrimination is still seen and heard but never spoken publicly about within our workplaces and public places. This documentary will prove that many large companies and organisations still pretend to obey by the rules of the current Disability Discrimination Act. With interview with employees of organisations claiming they’re being blamed and push aside due to discrimination.

Timothy Fielding is set to produce with his brother Paul Fielding to direct. Flexstone Pictures will produce the documentary to be overseen by LA based Spooks Studio .


After working successfully on their new documentary An Island’s Legacy Timothy Fielding and Paul Fieldingare due to produce a horror film “Woodland Cross”. Paul will direct and Timothy will produce the project, to look to start filming later this year.

Flexstone Pictures will produce the film.

Casting is believed to have begun with sights set on a Summer UK Release.


Fox News: ” Filmmaker Michael Moore’s brilliant and uplifting new documentary, “Sicko,” deals with the failings of the U.S. health care system, both real and perceived. But this time around, the controversial documentarian seems to be letting the subject matter do the talking, and in the process shows a new maturity.”

Hollywood Elsewhere: “I have to say that I went into this documentary with limited expectations, but I came out teary-eyed.””It’s not just an eye-opener, in short, but a movie that opens your emotional pores.” Read the rest of this entry »


The work of Adelaide-based artist-filmmakers Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling continues to shine beyond their expectations. Having traveled the world and reached a projected audience in comfortable excess of 10000, their short experimental documentary ‘A Shift in Perception’ is now enjoying its online premiere at the Con-Can Film Festival, based in Japan.

The prestigious event, now in its fourth year, saw the film selected as one of only twenty films selected worldwide from a field of over eight hundred. Having previously won awards in Mexico, Canada, the USA and Australia, the support of its already broad audience gives it a strong chance of making the festival’s Grand Final and major prize round. The film explores blindness through the senses and words of three South Australian women.

“When you’re packing and posting out copies of your work to festivals, it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear you’ve been selected.” says Monceaux, 26 of Leabrook. “The timing for our online debut couldn’t have been better though. We’ve had a good run of screenings since last November, and online media from the Super8 community and the documentary one have been very supportive of our efforts, offering oodles of encouragement.”

The film has recently piqued the interest of a Canadian distributor who has expressed interested in reviewing the film for distribution in the USA and Canada, and Emma and Dan are enthusiastic about their young business having an impact abroad.

“When Danimations began I was working freelance with illustration, photography and graphic design jobs. Most of that work was for advertising and small business. Finding personal stories in our community and sharing them with the world as documentary films is a far more satisfying process, and is beginning to look like a sustainable business. The success of our first short documentary has attracted the interest of several more established collaborators and the future looks bright.”

Working out of their home in Leabrook and building their industry network via the internet, Danimations has also recently entered the international Citizen Super8 project. A collaborative filmmaking enterprise initiated by a group of film makers from as far a field as Iran, Uganda and the UK, each filmmaker’s brief is to explore an aspect of local and global citizenship with their own short documentary shot on Super8 film. The Danimations inclusion which will commence production shortly, will peep into the world of a man who rebuilt a life as an artist after a fateful brain injury. Monceaux’s debut ‘A Shift in Perception’ can be seen online at until July 17th, or in person at the Sydney International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia in June.


“My mother was my entire life. I had no father to speak of and she and I were so close it was difficult to tell where one of us ended and the other began. But we were always running from her demons, both real and imagined. All the while it was my job to love and protect her as much as I could, but it was never enough. When I was 19 she threatened to kill me and I had to leave. I was gone for five years. Manhattan, Kansas is the story of our reunion.”

– Tara Wray

15 minute clip from the film


By David Loftus
May 6, 2007

When the screening ended, the crowd leapt to its feet to applaud and cheer the subject of the newly-completed (or rather, nearly-completed) documentary. Characteristically, but good-naturedly, he shouted: “Stop! Stop! I’ll only say something that’ll alienate you later!”

On Thursday, April 19, “Dreams with Sharp Teeth,” a new film by the producers of Werner Herzog’s “Grizzly Man,” received its first public screening at the Writers Guild Theatre in Los Angeles. Read the rest of this entry »


The Documentary Film Makers Course taught by the authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook has set another date – May 12-13, 2007. Learn how to get your doc made from a practical standpoint as we discuss story, legal, funding, production, post, sales and distribution. Special guest Aline Allegra from Current TV will be on hand to discuss acquisitions. Go to to register for the course.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT for all members. $50 off with coupon code DOCDISCOUNT. That’s $249, instead of the usual $299. Hope to see you there.


Listed among the top 100 most popular film festivals in the world, the 6th annual Great Lakes Independent Film Festival has officially opened its Call for Entries and will accept submissions internationally of independently produced feature length and short length films and scripts in the genres of documentary, horror, experimental, Religious/Spiritual, animation, and all genre of music videos and Gay/Lesbian for the 2007 festival, September 26th Thru September 30th, in Erie, Pennsylvania at the Roadhouse Theatre for Contemporary Art. We shall accept all ranges of music videos, along with entries of short and feature length screenplays, stage plays, and teleplays of all genres and niches.

The 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival will accept all forms of religious, Christian, and spiritual films including African, African American, Gay/Lesbian, Black, Hispanic, Islamic, Latino, Native/Aboriginal and student films from the United States and around the world.

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival horror categories for scripts and films will include Horror, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Grindhouse Horror, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation, and student films and scripts.

If there is anything as universal as the ageless storytelling of motion pictures, it’s the music that makes up life’s soundtrack.

The 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival shall accept music videos from around the world of cross continent and cross-genre productions. We shall accept music videos of all ranges from pop, punk, rock, alt-country, country-western, folk, reggae, hip-hop to electronica, jazz, blues, Zydeco, industrial, gothic, karaoke, avant-garde, world music, and experimental.

The annual screenwriting competition is a way for new and veteran scriptwriters to possibly get the break they need.

Prizes for the winning script will include a cash award of $500.00, 2 complete passes for the 2007Great Lakes Film Festival, and 2 night’s accommodations for the winner and a guest at the 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, where the winner will be honored on award’s night. The winning script will be forwarded to agents and industry professionals for consideration.

For more information on fees, deadlines, rules, eligibility, entry and the festival please visit our websites