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“Blood Of Eden”, a new feature film documentary written and directed by Ziad Hamzeh, has begun principal photography in Washington, DC and Damascus, Syria. Conjuring up the visual feeling of the classic battle scenes and majestic beauty of Arabia that was masterfully created by David Lean in “Lawrence Of Arabia”, “Blood Of Eden” follows, explores and experiences the lives of extraordinary Arab women as they raise the stakes in the fight against religious fanaticism, societal barriers, political domination and archaic traditions all aimed to curtail the freedom of Arab women. Ziad H Hamzeh writer/director of the highly acclaimed film “ The Letter: An American Town and the Somali Invasion” has taken on a new powerful and very personal project entitled “Blood Of Eden” to be shot this July in Syria, London, and the USA. The project will be completed in December 2006.

The film is produced by Hamzeh, Bert Brown and Marc Sandler. “Blood Of Eden” is a feature length documentary intended to be shown in USA movie theatres in limited release followed by distribution to TV broadcast and cable networks throughout the world. The film’s focus will be to examine the struggles and triumphs of extraordinary women of Syrian descent and their unique achievements. Producers Sandler and Brown stated that:” Mr. Hamzeh, a Syrian/ American Filmmaker, is uniquely qualified to bring such a project to fruition. In Damascus, Ziad grow up among six sisters and had the advantage of seeing their struggle from a truthful point view that allowed him an internal understanding of the real issues that face Syrian women. His growing up in his adopted country in the USA gives him an advantage of communicating a more universal look at women’s issues. Like the majority of his earlier work in theatre and film, Ziad will continue the pursuit of bringing women’s issues to the forefront”.

The story will concentrate on the activist female as she fearlessly continues to create awareness and advance the cause of rights for Arab women – from securing formal acknowledgements throughout the Arab world that women should be afforded basic human rights, to waging an international battle defending the integrity of the real Arab female, all accomplished with the firm hand of diplomacy and the power of her reach. One of the female stars is Bouthaina Shaaban, a passionate writer, teacher, and a diplomat. She clearly defines the “enemy” and passionately pursues a course for positive change.

Her courage is clearly exhibited in her writings and her means tend to be very effective. Her humanitarian stand is ever present in her actions in Syria and abroad. This film will encompass the magic that is Bouthaina and the spirit of the justice she seeks. Her sword is sharper than a razor and yet her sense of humanity runs deeper than a great many like her. Her presence is all encompassing while her humility is prophet-like. It is this humility and tolerance that raises people’s hopes, fed by the spring of her passion in her quest for a better tomorrow for our children. Her path to victory is by touching the souls of those silent, invoking the strengths of the courageous, and shedding light onto those whose hearts are in darkness.

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