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Mayfair Book Promotion, Inc, announces a new way forward for the author and publishing industry with the launch of their new website

With over forty years of experience in the publishing industry Mayfair Book Promotion are moving ahead of the times with their new website and technological initiatives. Publishing a book yourself requires taking on a long check list usually managed by the staff of a large publishing house that handles countless book titles every month. You become in essence just another number unless your name is Dan Brown or Graham Hancock and often publishers simply don’t have time to give each and every book or author a fair shot at the market. This is where Mayfair come into their own, offering both the author and the publisher new and exciting avenues into the market place.

Mayfair have refined a system that makes it easy to handle the overwhelming but very necessary initiatives to get any book or manuscript ready for the bookshelves – let alone the ever competitive book marketplace and yet still give full time and effort to individuals who may not have a big name. But in addition they also have inter-company links with newly formed and highly successful team at to enable books to be turned into documentaries, films and audio books.

Using the new and mostly secret methods, Mayfair have proven that they can take books into the top sellers lists and other publishing companies want to know how. In fact Mayfair is not just for the author as publishers and agent can also use the Mayfair Book Promotion services, which are broken down into segments for simplicity. One publishing company recently switched their promotion services from in-house to Mayfair because it actually worked out to be cheaper and more effective than doing it themselves.

Part of the team is located in London England with further offices in California and through their numerous contacts they deal on a regular basis with the world’s largest publishers, distributors and wholesalers. Mayfair Book Promotion and Author Publicity has over 40 years of collective knowledge in all aspects of the publishing dilemma that all author’s face. From distribution to manufacturing, from press releases to radio campaigns, Mayfair has the knowledge and the experience to get results for your book or catalog. Their services and related programs are applicable to all genres although they have specialized in the inspirational and metaphysical market. Designed to assist authors, self-publishers and publishing companies, Mayfair has catapulted many authors onto the world stage such as the international best selling author, Philip Gardiner, Dr John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers; Shamans of the 21st Century and international best seller Brad Steiger among many others.

Their expertise and experience in the publishing industry enables them to determine a customized plan for maximum impact for their clients. They feel each book is unique in its own right and evaluate every applicable aspect of the book, from cover art to editing, from annotations to marketing materials.

Using the latest technologies such as Print on Demand and ebooks, as well as the usual printed form, Mayfair, through their inter-company links with can also get books turned into DVD documentary and audio books with a full list of experts, producers, directors, presenters and voice over artists. In fact, Mayfair and offer a service unparalleled anywhere else within the industry and now the doors have been thrown wide open for everybody to join in.

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