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Dan Berger, THINKFilm, (212) 444-7900,
New York, May 10 – THINKFilm has acquired the rights to BLOOD AND TEARS, a documentary about the Arab-Israeli conflict, it was announced today. Isidore Rosmarin, with 20 years of major network experience, including CBS “60 Minutes,” NBC “Dateline,” Court TV, and A&E, directed and produced the film. His co-producer was Jeff Helmreich, with Michael Dan and Robert Topol serving as executive producers.
BLOOD AND TEARS: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Like an open wound that will not heal the Arab-Israeli conflict refuses to be resolved. Acclaimed documentary producer and director, Isidore Rosmarin, and co-producer, Jeff Helmreich, have made BLOOD AND TEARS – the definitive film on this seemingly irresolvable conflict. Rosmarin uncovers the truth beneath the hype and the headlines. Rosmarin and his team of Middle East experts have gone right to the source: the ministers and mullahs, the fanatics and peaceniks, the soldiers and terrorists, and the ordinary families battling extraordinary forces as they try to live a normal life. They have interviewed top officials from both sides, from former Israeli Prime Ministers to senior Palestinian officials to the leaders of the militant extremist group Hamas, Sheikh Bitawi and the late Dr. Abdel aziz Rantisi. They have also interviewed renowned Mideast scholars Bernard Lewis & Fouad Ajami and the foremost Palestinian scholar, Rashid Khalidi. BLOOD AND TEARS explores the origin of the confrontation itself, and challenges many of the deep-rooted myths we all hold about this epicenter of human conflict.

“… An excellent film with extraordinary value,” Dennis Ross, Mideast Envoy, Clinton Admin.
“… A powerful, must-see film,” Prof. Akbar Ahmed, Islamic Studies Chair, American Univ.
“… A remarkable achievement,” Dr. Bernard Lewis, Islamic Scholar, Princeton Univ.
“… A moving, well crafted, strong piece of work,” Michael Medved, nationally syndicated film critic
“… Painfully objective and powerful,” Jay Bushinsky, Mideast Bureau Chief, Infinity Broadcasting
“… An outstanding and dramatic film,” Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School�
“ … Enhances the confidence of peace advocates on both sides,” Muhammad Muslih, LI Univ.
“… A masterful, cinematic exploration of the Arab- Israeli Conflict,” Liel Leibowitz, Jewish Week
“… Unbiased and clear-sighted,” Bret Stephens, Editor, Wall Street Journal
“… A landmark film that gives new insight to the conflict,” Akhtar Faruqui,

THINKFilm received its fourth Oscar nomination earlier this year with MURDERBALL, which was up for a Best Documentary Feature award. Its 2005 comedy smash, THE ARISTOCRATS, was just released on DVD and their recent theatrical release, the Beastie Boys musical extravaganza AWESOME; I F*#&%N’ SHOT THAT!, had its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and opened commercially on March 31st. THINKFilm is a privately held company with offices in New York and Toronto. For information, please go to
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