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Listed among the top 100 film festivals in the world, The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival was started with only imagination and vision, dedicating itself to presenting the works of independent filmmakers and outstanding achievements in cinema. The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival showcases the hybrid of filmmaking in the digital age. From the feature narrative genre to documentary to animation and experimental "film", the Great Lakes Film Association celebrates the film arts in dynamic transition.

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Listed among the top 100 most popular film festivals in the world, the 6th annual Great Lakes Independent Film Festival has officially opened its Call for Entries and will accept submissions internationally of independently produced feature length and short length films and scripts in the genres of documentary, horror, experimental, Religious/Spiritual, animation, and all genre of music videos and Gay/Lesbian for the 2007 festival, September 26th Thru September 30th, in Erie, Pennsylvania at the Roadhouse Theatre for Contemporary Art. We shall accept all ranges of music videos, along with entries of short and feature length screenplays, stage plays, and teleplays of all genres and niches.

The 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival will accept all forms of religious, Christian, and spiritual films including African, African American, Gay/Lesbian, Black, Hispanic, Islamic, Latino, Native/Aboriginal and student films from the United States and around the world.

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival horror categories for scripts and films will include Horror, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Suspense, Grindhouse Horror, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation, and student films and scripts.

If there is anything as universal as the ageless storytelling of motion pictures, it’s the music that makes up life’s soundtrack.

The 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival shall accept music videos from around the world of cross continent and cross-genre productions. We shall accept music videos of all ranges from pop, punk, rock, alt-country, country-western, folk, reggae, hip-hop to electronica, jazz, blues, Zydeco, industrial, gothic, karaoke, avant-garde, world music, and experimental.

The annual screenwriting competition is a way for new and veteran scriptwriters to possibly get the break they need.

Prizes for the winning script will include a cash award of $500.00, 2 complete passes for the 2007Great Lakes Film Festival, and 2 night’s accommodations for the winner and a guest at the 2007 Great Lakes Independent Film Festival, where the winner will be honored on award’s night. The winning script will be forwarded to agents and industry professionals for consideration.

For more information on fees, deadlines, rules, eligibility, entry and the festival please visit our websites