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When: February 14-21, 2007
Where: Missoula, Montana
What:The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival opens Thursday, February 15 at Missoula’s Wilma Theatre for the first of seven consecutive days and nights of world-class documentary cinema. The fourth annual event boasts 100 films from 32 countries, including 30 world and North American premieres. In addition to screenings, the festival includes panel discussions, Q&A sessions with dozens of filmmakers, as well as VIP events, receptions and parties.¬† Since its 2004 debut, the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival has grown into an internationally-recognized venue for showcasing¬† innovative, contemporary, and classic works of documentary film.

Dan Monceaux on February 9th, 2007 at 10:15 pm 

I’m happy to say that my debut documentary ‘A Shift in Perception’ will be screening at this year’s event. Wish I could be there for it!

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