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26 is the newly formed European division of Reality Entertainment working in association with Reality Films. With award winning directors, presenters and musicians on board are looking for people to join the fold and showcasing the various skills available.

With the successful launch of several DVD documentaries and the launch of the in-house band, Soul Path, already have a growing list of experts for people interested in having their book turned into an audio book or DVD. believe strongly that the future of books and concepts lies in the new technology of downloadable audio books and documentaries, as well as DVD’s. Many authors are now turning to these technologies as a way of getting their message across and making something out of their work for a change. Open to authors, script writers and publishers,’s great and unique new way forward is the answer to all these things. Working from studio’s based in the UK and with an expanding list of voice-over experts, directors, presenters, sound technicians, special fx experts, editors and much more, are already working on some major new projects – including several UFO documentaries. With in-house musicians capable of writing music to any genre and with the backing of a huge catalogue of records via Reality Entertainment, can provide just about anything you may need, from Marcy Playground and K. C. and the Sunshine Band to heavy rock and even Enya style music via Soul Path.

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Doris Cooper on October 4th, 2010 at 9:47 am 

I am looking for a literary agency or publisher.I have written a book on the religious practices and worship of three nations, South Africa, Germany and America, and what caused their defeat. “Verdict” is written about idol worship on these nations and man-made government.

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