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The Darklight Festival Symposium will be held on the 21st – the 23rd of June 2007, Dublin, Ireland.

The DARKLIGHT SYMPOSIUM 2007 will be an action packed three day event, a combination of debates, workshops, screenings and master classes.

We will be asking what the developments of the past 10 years actually means for cultural producers from all art forms and genres? How is this impacting and influencing creative practice, decision making, budgets, education, exhibition choices and possibilities?

What is expected of ‘content producers’ in 2007? Does this catchall term of the past 10 years reflect an attitude towards creative process and are we now seeing the emergence of a more curated network?

Are we entering a time; where genres are evolving with a new fluidity between art, design, film, TV practices and platforms, where technology developed for gaming is impacting film, animation and motion graphics and is opening up new possibilities for the imagination, where commissioners are looking to grass roots producers and the tyranny of TV scheduling may be a thing of the past.

In addition to these questions we will be reflecting on past movements in cinema and their influence on contemporary arts practice through a retrospective programme of lectures, screenings and exhibits. At the Memory Technology forum we will be investigating the issue of archiving from long term, historical and practical perspectives.

Details of will be posted on the website

Other events include; DATA, kids workshop, Open Mike Salon, Swap-meet, Wares area, Pod cast’s, Symposium launch/registration, YouTube video lounge, networking events, music and closing barbeque party.

We are now giving people the chance to book online and this can be done on our website or send a cheque or postal order with your name and contact information to 69 Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Enquiries to +353 1 6709017 events**




Victory Bible Church
Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS



Latent Image Productions, the company that brought us “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” has reinvented itself as Rebelstudio. A new name, for a new digital age of cinema.

The first documentary release from Rebelstudio, “Sculpture by the Sea” is now available on DVD.

Sculpture by the Sea had its 10th anniversary along the spectacular 2km Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk in Sydney, Australia, for three weeks in November 2006. The exhibition featured 108 works by artists from 15 different countries across the globe.

Conceived by David Handley in 1997, as a temporary exhibition showing a marriage of sculptural works and Australia’s sublime coastal landscape, the exhibition has evolved from a humble one-day event organized by volunteers working out of David’s living room, to become a bi-coastal series of annual exhibitions that captures the world’s imagination.

This film follows the journey of David and his team at Sculpture by the Sea over the past decade to show how and why this has become one of the most unique Arts events in the world.

Purchase the DVD here



Charismatic to some and revolting to others. Joe Redner is most often associated with owning one of the most famous nude clubs in America, the Mons Venus.

Although Joe has been fighting the city’s zoning laws, and winning, since the 1970’s, Joe Redner and the Mons Venus came into the national spotlight in 1999 when Tampa’s City Council, with support from Mayor Dick Greco, tried to ban lap dancing. The city ordinance passed, but not without an explosive fight that made national headlines with feature stories on ABC’s “20/20” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Many terms have been used to describe Joe, including: pimp, pervert, patriot, philanderer, politician, instigator, intellectual, self- promoter, humanitarian, hypocrite, publicity hound, male pig, exploiter, criminal, narcissist, hero and genius.

This is the FIRST full- feature, completely independent documentary to explore the life of legendary Florida strip club owner, Joe Redner, also known as the father of the nude lap dance.

Directed by Shelby McIntyre and produced by Chris Woods, this documentary explores the man that has been arrested over 140 times, earned his GED in jail at the age of 40, became an avid student of the law, got clean and sober in the mid- 1980’s, and has run for local public office 7 times.

With interviews from family members, friends, and foes, this documentary explores the many facets of the enigma named Joe Redner, not just what you have seen on the TV and in newspapers.

Whether you love him or hate him this intriguing documentary makes you want to watch him every step of the way!!

No Average Joe: The Story of Joe Redner will be complete this Summer 2007.


The Documentary Group is proud to present the U.S. theatrical release of OPERATION HOMECOMING, a film by Richard E. Robbins. Following its premiere at New York’s Film Forum in February, the film begins a multi-city engagement March 30th, 2007.

Praised by the Village Voice, the New York, Times,, and numerous others, OPERATION HOMECOMING is a unique documentary that explores the firsthand accounts of American troops through their own words. The film is built upon the Operation Homecoming initiative created by the National Endowment for the Arts to gather the writing of soldiers and their families who have participated in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through interviews and dramatic readings by such actors as Robert Duvall, Josh Lucas, Beau Bridges, Blair Underwood, Justin Kirk, Aaron Eckhart, Chris Gorham and John Krasinski, the film transforms selections from this collection of writing into a deep examination of the experiences of the men and women who are serving in America’s armed forces. At the same time it provides depth and context to these experiences through a broader look at the universal themes of war literature.

The writing in OPERATION HOMECOMING covers the full spectrum – poetry, fiction, memoir, letters, journals, and essays. Through an extraordinary group of men and women, it offers a profound window into the human side of America’s current conflicts. The film also includes interviews with great American war writers from other conflicts including Tim O’Brien, James Salter, Tobias Wolff, and Anthony Swofford.

At the core of the writing in OPERATION HOMECOMING is a deep desire by all those who have served in war to come to terms with their experiences. Throughout the film the soldiers, young and old, express a profound hope that people will listen to their stories and try to understand what they have seen. As with all of the great war writers, stretching back as far as the Iliad, the soldier writers of OPERATION HOMECOMING are trying to find meaning in the chaos and brutality of war. The film is a deeply humanizing look at those who suffer the de-humanization of war.

OPERATION HOMECOMING will be part of the series America at a Crossroads, beginning April 15, 2007 on PBS. America at a Crossroads is a major public television event premiering on PBS in April 2007 that explores the challenges confronting the post-9/11 world — including the war on terrorism; the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; the experience of American troops serving abroad; the struggle for balance within the Muslim world; and global perspectives on America’s role overseas. Funding for Operation Homecoming was provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Boeing Company, and the Independent Television Service.
Operation Homecoming is and official selection at numerous film festivals, including Full Frame, True/False, Dallas AFI, and the Florida Film Festival.



Minneapolis Produced Documentary Now Available on

MINNEAPOLIS – “Bunkers: An American Music Story”, a documentary produced by locally owned production company, Bradford Entertainment Inc, is now available at

The film features performances and interviews by world-class musicians, such as Ricky Peterson (2006 worldwide tour with John Mayer), Donnie Lamarca (2004 nationwide tour with Johnny Lang), Melanie Rosales (former background vocalist for Bonnie Raitt), Debbie Duncan (nominated Best Female Vocalist, 2006 MN Music Awards), Tina Schlieske, the TC Jammers, Mick Sterling & the Stud Brothers (now disbanded), and GB Leighton. These are rare and exceptional performances, some of which will never happen again.

Recent reviews of the film include:

“Incredible cinematography and a must-see DVD for any music aficionado.”
-Mark Rosen, Entertainment Worldwide

“The music is amazing!”
-Jalyn Henton, PBS

“Don’t miss it!”
-S. Bargelli, Rock ‘n’ Blues Today

“I consider myself a fan.”
-Ryan Cracknell, Moviews

The film is also available at Electric Fetus, Cheapo, Borders Bookstores,, and via the film e-store at

For information about the film, please contact:

Nicole Thompson
Bradford Entertainment, Inc.


On March 20, explore the many mysteries of ancient wisdom and occult belief when KOCH Vision releases DAN BURSTEIN’S SECRETS OF THE OCCULT, an illuminating DVD exploring the controversial and often overlooked link between magic and science. The spellbinding DVD, from Hidden Treasures Productions, includes two one-hour programs, The Magicians and The Scientists, which examine the world of the occult from the Ancient Greek and Egyptian magicians to the cutting edge scientists of today.

“In ancient times there was no separate study known as science. It was the magicians and the alchemists who were doing science. Since the birth of what we call modern science, science and the occult have parted paths,” said Dan Burstein, best-selling author and SECRETS OF THE OCCULT expert. Today however the old relationship between Science and the Occult is experiencing a new surge of popularity in holistic philosophy and New Age beliefs. “Serious physicists are contemplating time travel and parallel universes. We’re going to get some very big breakthroughs through science, but some of them may come from science looking at what some might call the occult,” adds Burstein.

From Harry Potter and Eragon to The Da Vinci Code and The Prestige, today’s pop culture is finding more and more of its inspiration in the occult. The growing interest in occultism’s underlining principles and beliefs has even spawned a new subgenre, called “enlightainment,” which blends life advice and the quest for greater truth with elements of entertainment. The quantum physics inspired, part narrative-part documentary film What the Bleep Do We Know!? was the first surprise hit of this category. In recent months, The Secret, a self-help DVD that reveals the hidden wisdom purportedly known to such thinkers as Plato and Albert Einstein, has become a top-seller on “The merging of ‘magic’ and contemporary science is blurring the lines between old and new,” said Dan Gurlitz, General Manager of KOCH Vision. “SECRETS OF THE OCCULT investigates this transformation, presenting compelling fuel for thought and discussion.”

While clairvoyant Madame Helena Blavatsky and British occultist Aleister Crowley became forerunners of many new age ideals only later to be condemned, innovators such as Galileo, Einstein and Freud, whose advances are considered scientific in nature, were also fascinated with the occult. “Don’t forget, Sir Isaac Newton, the ‘father of modern science’ in many people’s eyes, is also considered the ‘last of the great magicians.’ He was fascinated with alchemy and the occult and spent much of his life trying to develop a scientific understanding of occult beliefs,” observes Burstein.

This sort of special knowledge is what the Secrets of… series is committed to uncovering. The previous two documentaries in the series, SECRETS OF MARY MAGDALENE and SECRETS OF ANGELS, DEMONS & MASONS, also explore the crossroads between spirituality, religion and science.


As documentary filmmakers, Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine looked up to Michael Moore.Then they tried to do a documentary of their own about him _ and ran into the same sort of resistance Moore himself famously faces in his own films.

The result is “Manufacturing Dissent,” which turns the camera on the confrontational documentarian and examines some of his methods. Among their revelations in the movie, which had its world premiere Saturday night at the South by Southwest film festival: That Moore actually did speak with then-General Motors chairman Roger Smith, the evasive subject of his 1989 debut “Roger & Me,” but chose to withhold that footage from the final cut.

The husband-and-wife directors spent over two years making the movie, which follows Moore on his college tour promoting 2004’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.” The film shows Melnyk repeatedly approaching Moore for an interview and being rejected; members of Moore’s team also kick the couple out of the audience at one of his speeches, saying they weren’t allowed to be shooting there. [read more…]


The Documentary Channel (DOC) and VMIX.COM are co-sponsoring a Do It Yourself Documentary Contest and are seeking immediate submissions of digital videos from registered members of The DIY Doc Contest is soliciting entrants to submit a 1-10 minute documentary film around any subject they are passionate about. Music documentary and ‘mockumentary’ films are permissible and encouraged.

The contest will accept official entries between March 1 at 12:01 a.m. ET and May 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET. A panel of judges from the DOC Programming Department will determine the top three winning entries. Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity and originality, adherence to required topic, and popularity via VMIX members’ five-star ratings. VMIX members have the opportunity to vote on entries through May 15. Winning entries, notified by VMIX, will be announced publicly on June 7.

The Grand Prize Winner will have their entry telecast on The Documentary Channel in primetime this summer and also will be awarded an 80 GB video iPod. The Second Prize Winner will receive a six-month subscription to; and the Third Prize Winner will receive a prize pack of autographed DVDs from award-winning documentarians.

“We are thrilled to partner with on documentary contest of the DIY variety to encourage budding filmmakers to put their skills to the test and to provide a rare opportunity for that fledgling talent to receive national television exposure,” says Kate Pearson, DOC senior vice president of programming. “We’re looking forward to judging the entries and seeing who can make the most of this opportunity.”

Complete DIY Doc Contest details are available at


James Cameron recently shocked the world with his claim to have found the tomb of Jesus and Mary. Across the world archaeologists came out against his claims and bloodline conspiracy theorists jumped for joy. But the real secret has been hidden and remained a closely guarded sacred truth and now Philip Gardiner is about to reveal the story in The Ark, The Shroud and Mary.

March will see the launch of one of the most amazing tales ever to be told. The Ark, The Shroud and Mary – a book and DVD – will reveal for the first time who the man was imaged on the Shroud of Turin, what relevance this has to the Ark of the Covenant and the ramifications for Christianity are immense.

In addition, Gardiner will reveal through scientific evidence just how the Shroud was made and re-date it in the process.

But the story goes much deeper, for during Gardiner’s extraordinary investigations he uncovers and meets up with an ancient Brotherhood who have guarded the secret for centuries and who claim cross-religious links that unite the strands of our sacred past like never before.

This book and DVD reveals the golden thread throughout time and across nations and creeds that Jesus and his contemporaries were fully part of.

The DVD is released by Reality Films, part of Reality Entertainment and along with the book will be available across the internet stores and distributed throughout Barnes and Noble with front of store placement.

Philip Gardiner is an international best selling author of several books, including Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed and Secrets of the Serpent – both now also DVD documentaries. He speaks internationally at venues all over the world from the USA to Australia, England to France and has appeared on over 400 radio and TV shows. His website has much more information and can be found at

Contact: Michael Pralin at for press packs, bookings etc and for first edition signed copies of the book or Media Contact: Simon Warwick-Smith or on US (707) 939-9212


“Post No Bills” documentary film screening ( from 16mm !)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York City

“Post No Bills” is the award-winning documentary on infamous satirical ‘guerilla’ poster artist Robbie Conal, a professional painter who has splattered hundreds of thousands of his caricatured paintings-as-posters across the United States’ urban streets.

Anthology Film Archives’ websitePost No Bills websitemap to venue


*Release Source: NomadsLand LLC

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – a new Internet platform for social issue filmmakers, political satirists – launches its Alpha site, prepares for growth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 17, 2007 – – an internet video platform for social issue filmmakers and political satirists – has launched its Alpha website in its mission to offer alternative distribution for cinema with a social message.
Like YouTube and Google Video, anyone – from professional filmmakers to video enthusiasts – can upload their films to The company will host feature films, documentaries, music videos and political satire for free – as long as the film seeks to make a social commentary, stimulate political conversation or encourage some social action.
“NomadsLand is many things to many people,” says Hutchins. “Its an entertaining information site, an informative entertainment site, a window to the world, but above all, a forum for social ideas and ultimately a grass-roots campaign for change.”
Although much of the video can be viewed for free, will offer secure downloads and rentals on premium films featured on the site, sharing 50 percent of its revenues with each director.
Among the initial films being distributed on are Dhruv Dhawan’s From Dust and Davin Hutchins’ The Art of Flight. From Dust, a touching documentary which examines the socio-political aftermath of the Asian tsunami, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, HotDocs, OneWorld Human Rights Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival and the Kara Film Festival.
The Art of Flight is a guerrilla documentary tracing the trail of Sudanese refugees from Darfur to Egypt and their tales of survival. The film premiered at AFI Fest Hollywood, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and the Bangkok International Film Festival. Other films explore topics such as homelessness in San Francisco, belly dancing in Egypt and the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.
“Most independent films are grossly under-distributed,” says Hutchins. “One of the main goals of NomadsLand is to assist filmmakers who were short changed after their festival run. Through viral e-mail, search engines and RSS, they can reach a vastly larger audience. Likewise, film aficionados can see quality films they’d never see otherwise without sifting through a cloud of amateur video. We think films can make a lasting impact of they ‘permanently premiere’ for people who care deeply about these issues.”
“Not everyone is a born storyteller. But everyone has a story. We want to provide the resources and royalties to develop an ever-growing army of raconteurs which can help return mass media back to the masses.”

# # #
MEDIA CONTACT: NomadsLand Press Relations, press [at], (202) 470-0875.


100th year of the TT racers on the Isle of Man. The documentary covers the build up to the famous race, the tourism to the Island and the future of the TT. Interviews with include Geoff Corkish MBE MHK, Allan Fielding and many more…


Am working on a documentary focusing on election fraud and looking for a good Publicist. Any recommendations?


Discovery on the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant to be released in a forthcoming documentary and book.

In March 2007 the Truth about the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant will be Revealed as one man’s search uncovers the ancient truth in a tale as exciting as Raiders of the Lost Ark…

Following years of painstaking research and thousands of miles travelling across the globe international best selling author, Philip Gardiner, will finally reveal how the Shroud was made, whose image it portrays and its age. In addition Gardiner will reveal the links between it, the Ark of the Covenant and Mary herself.

The startling revelations will be shown in both a book and DVD documentary entitled The Ark, The Shroud and Mary due out at the end of March [see trailer here]. The book will be published by the USA publishing house New Page books who last year released Gardiner’s Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed which went best seller for them and has catapulted Gardiner onto the world stage with over 400 radio interviews and appearing on TV, newspapers and general media. The DVD will be released at the same time world-wide by Reality Films part of the world’s largest independent entertainment companies, Reality Entertainment. Co-produced by Gardiner and the European wing of Reality,, the production sees Gardiner travel the globe to uncover the whereabouts of the Ark and much more. From Egypt, Ethiopia and India to Portugal, France and Rome, Gardiner unravels a mysterious thread.

The author then finds himself engulfed in a world of secret societies with clandestine meetings in far-off lands and discovers an ancient truth held sacred by the brotherhood for millennia. One author who has watched the film and read the book in advance said:

“A suspense-filled, fact-packed adventure story…an epigrammatic tale that needs to be told to the whole wide world…clearly the next blockbuster movie sequel in the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ series.” Dr. J. J. Harper, author, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

Nobody has gone to such depths to uncover the truth and nobody has come under such a dangerous situation. Is this is the final story in the Ark, the Shroud and Mary?

In April and May Gardiner will be appearing on radio and TV across the USA and world. In June Philip Gardiner will be flying to Australia to speak at the International and Scientific Symposium ( as well as appearing on TV, radio and at book signings. On October 13th he will be speaking at a major Templar event in Paris commemorating the beginning of the downfall of the Knights Templar (see and in November he will be at Chet Snow’s event in Arizona.

To book Gardiner for radio, TV or other media/book signing events, or for articles for magazines etc we strongly advise you contact us as soon as possible because Gardiner is already being booked up and we only have limited dates available.

For more information see,,,

Contact: Michael Pralin at for press packs, bookings etc and for first edition signed copies of the book.

Musical underscoring for the documentary was produced by the highly acclaimed new band Soul Path (see


The Department of Media Studies at The New School is now accepting applications for its fall 2007 Documentary Media Studies certificate program. Launched in September 2006, this one-year intensive program is designed for college graduates and working professionals interested in hands-on documentary filmmaking. Working closely with faculty and visiting filmmakers like D.A. Pennebaker and Peter Davis, students are encouraged to use the documentary medium to create works of social and political significance.

The program offers a select group of students the unique opportunity to learn about documentary history, theory and video and film production in the heart of New York City. The curriculum culminates with a 30-minute individual documentary, which each student films and edits over the course of the program. Upon completion, students may apply their credits toward a master’s degree in media studies at The New School — the largest media studies MA program in the country — or use their skills to enter the world of professional documentary filmmaking.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please visit or call 212.229.5630.



Academy Award-nominated “After the Wedding” to kick off

10th anniversary Festival

SONOMA, Calif. (February 1, 2007) – The 10th Anniversary Sonoma Valley Film Festival (SVFF) today announced its first official film selection, After the Wedding, which will also play as opening night film for the 2007 Festival. This acclaimed new Danish film has just been nominated for a 2007 Academy Award® for Best Foreign Film.

A second film confirmed for SVFF, the short film Recycled Life, has also been tapped for an Oscar, indicating that this intimate festival set in the heart of wine country is quickly becoming a major player in the national film acquisitions circuit. Additional film selections will be announced in the coming weeks.

“This year’s selection of films is quickly shaping up to be our most exciting program in our ten year history,” said SVFF Executive Director Marc Lhormer. “Our mission is to support and nurture talented filmmakers — in an environment of incredible indulgence and relaxed interaction between audience and artist. We are thrilled to showcase Susanne Bier’s explosive follow-up to her film Brothers, which touched audiences so deeply during our 2005 festival.”

After the critically acclaimed and award-winning Brothers, Susanne Bier now presents the drama After the Wedding – an intense story about family. Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale) plays Jacob who works at an orphanage in India, and this film follows him on a gripping journey back to his home in Denmark where he reencounters his first love.

“The Sonoma Valley Film Festival is an ideal venue to showcase our new film,” said Susanne Bier, director of After the Wedding. “This unique film festival is known for being an incredible place for independent filmmakers to showcase their work, with strong industry attendance and passionate audiences.”

Also selected for the 10th anniversary film festival is Recycled Life, directed by Leslie Iwerks. The Academy Award-nominated short film is a dramatic and touching story of thousands of adults, children, and generations of families who have been living and working over the last sixty years in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump, the largest and most toxic landfill in Central America.

Set in the heart of California’s historic and lush Wine Country, named one of America’s “Top Ten Best Vacation Film Festivals,” and called a “cinematic magic carpet ride” by IFC News, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival prides itself on providing every filmmaker unique opportunities to mingle with breakthrough artists and industry leaders in one of the most intimate, unpretentious and indulgent settings in the world.

Sponsored by Entertainment Weekly and FOOD & WINE magazines, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival offers all of the excitement, media exposure and stars of larger festivals without the hectic atmosphere or distracting handlers.

The Festival will also celebrate its special 10th Anniversary event in 2007 with a star-studded tribute to two-time Academy Award®-winning director John Lasseter. This special evening will feature a look back at Mr. Lasseter’s groundbreaking career, from visionary independent to entertainment industry powerhouse as the world’s most popular cinematic storyteller. The evening will also feature guest appearances and toasts from Mr. Lasseter’s friends and creative collaborators, including many of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, writers, directors and industry leaders.

To recognize outstanding achievements in filmmaking, films selected for competition at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival have the chance to win over $10,000 in cash and prizes for prestigious jury and audience awards. Prize packages, which continue to be enhanced and enriched, will grow as the Festival approaches. Sonoma presents over 75 independent films annually, including feature length narratives, documentaries, shorts, and student films.

For more information or to book festival passes, visit


“The perfect place to start your career as a producer of documentaries.”
Norm Hacker

The authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook and the best selling Guerilla Film Makers Handbook are offering their seminar this March. Learn how to get your documentary MADE, how to avoid the pitfalls of the industry and how to save time money and gray hairs with this intensive two day course.

Topics include: refining your concept, finding financing, legal issues, production and post, film
festivals survival, standard and alternative distribution and sales and voluntary workshoping your
idea to help pinpoint specific issues and answers.

Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes are working filmmakers who have worked in both the narrative and documentary world for nearly two decades! Their docs have been seen on the MTV, PBS, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

When: March 10 & 11th, 10AM-6P
Where: The Heart Touch Project, 3400 Airport Avenue, Suite #42, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Go to or call 310-941-2168 for more information and to sign up!

“Andrew and Genevieve shared their passion and knowledge and inspired me to pursue my film.” Chris Tarango


This provocative new documentary by Gil Karni goes behind the ghetto walls of the Israeli city of Ramlah to bring us a year in the life of budding Palestinian hip-hop star Sameh Zakout, a.k.a. Saz. In this year we will see him transform from a young unknown rap singer into an international success, his youthful quest for identity transformed into the voice of a struggling nation. The film also focuses on his relationship with his aging grandfather, an Israeli-Arab communist and a refugee of the 1948 war. Their conversations reveal their differing ideologies: “I don’t see my Palestine being built by blood,” says Saz. “It should be built by negotiations, not bombings. My bullets are my rhymes. My M-16 is my microphone.”

Hailed by Entertainment Weekly as “a unique portrait of Arab life inside Israel,” “SAZ” is distributed by Choices, Inc .The DVD’s special features include bonus audio tracks from Saz’s new upcoming album, “Min Yum,” and a lesson plan/guidebook for educators. The film is available online at


Here’s the deal. This guy, who at the time I considered a friend told me this story of how his family entered this country. He asked me would I help him do a doc on. I said okay, my company will produce it and you can direct it. Well of course I did my research on the subject first. It turns out it was beyond the story of his family but involves millions. So I work the treatment based on the vast amount of people it effected. My company put up all the funds and secure venture capital as well. During filming my friend at the time was interested more in having a fun while on the trip than the subject at hand. Between trips he was no where to be found. I barely heard from him. As a producer I keep the ball rolling to complete the film. During the editing stage my editor, who was my friend at the time decided he wanted a writting credit but did no writting. I said okay we are all family maybe this could be our big break. Later he decided to give the footage to the guy that told me about his family and convinced him to take it as his own and run. Then I get legal paperwork giving him all the credit (director, producer, writer, etc.) and my editor a co-producer credit and me a a co-producer credit. Take in mind I payed my editor 24k and raised over 65k for the doc. This guy never dropped a dime. Now he has the finished product with a few re-edits by my editor. They have entered into film fest with the footage I shot, the music I secured by a grammy award winning artist and the interviews I secured. He does not have releases on anything.

Now he wants me to sigh this contract and walk away, sharing a small percentage and having no say so.

I ask you… Has anyone been through this? What would you do?


Choices, Inc. is a specialty distributor of quality documentaries, educational programming, and independent feature films. We currently are seeking completed documentaries on any subject for consideration for distribution.

To learn more about our company, please visit our website or email us at


Choices, Inc. is a specialty distributor of quality documentaries, educational programming, and independent feature films targeted to schools, colleges and libraries. Our award-winning documentaries are produced by filmmakers from around the world on topics tailored for the educational marketplace. Guidebooks and lesson plans for our programs are available for download at our website. To learn more about our company visit us at




My Feature Doc Film on the man, his times and his music titled: ELECTRIC HEART -don ellis will be ready for delivery in 2007 (May). The film will first public screen in Los Angeles as part of The LA Jazz Institute’s Don Ellis Tribute Event also in May. The Film is 80minutes in length. The film is Independently Produced and presently without Distribution. The film tells the story of the most innovative musician of the last 100 years that has been forgotton about. Ellis died in 1978 at the young age of 44 having accomplished works in jazz, classical, rock and his version of world music like nothing of the day or afterwards. His breed of big band music crossed-over onto new paths never taken before. He basically invented “Fusion” before Miles Davis had thought of it. Over a decade of research has been done on the project and the film includes testimonials from some of todays hottest jazz stars including the late Maynard Ferguson and a special appearance by pulitizer winning composer Gunther Schuller. This is not only a musical oriented Documentary Film but one that will warm the soul to anyone in the arts. The film is a official selection of The Copenhagan International Film Festival for 2007. For more information please go to: There you can view the opening clip, a special slideshow and the synopsis and outline with credit list. This is most certainly not just another jazz film but a film of most memorable and historical material of the amazing story of Don Ellis. John Vizzusi, Filmmaker / Sights & Sounds Films 2007


if you write ,please attend me as script writer