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The IFC has a great opportunity for individuals with documentaries ideas.  If you have a good concept for a documentary and want to get funding for it or get it seen by decision makers, you need to check out the IFC The Back to Basics Documentary Challenge.

You are only required to submit three minutes of video with your idea for the film, but the deadline is fast approaching (August 3, 2008), so you need to get organized quickly.

IFC is looking for a short documentary or a documentary trailer. It must be a non-fiction with the subject matter of your choosing. Please note, for this contest, IFC is only accepting documentary concepts. Film submissions will be judged on the filmmakers ability to portray their unique point of view with their chosen subject matter as well as the film’s overall creative and technical production merits.

Two cash prizes are being offered: 1st prize is $7500, Runner-up prize is $2500.

To get signed up and upload submissions, visit 

Documentary Films .Net receives emails frequently from individuals with ideas for a film, but no idea how to take the next step.  This is the next step.  Use your video to pitch the idea you have always had.

Go to the IFC challenge webiste here  Opportunities to just pitch ideas are very limited.  This challenge is your opportunity.


Great art being made.  Modest Mouse is an indie music success story.  This 1997 film captures the band as they were finishing their The Lonesome Crowded West album.  The album further established a fan base that would lead to commercial and critical success that conutinues even today.  Included in the documentary are shots of the band goofing off, listening to their tracks, and in concert.  Interspersed are akward but authentic interviews with musicians, label folks, scenesters, and the band itself.  In the end the whole thing works.  You see their energy. Recommended.

Watch the film.


Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion continues rank high in Amazon and New York Times nonfiction best seller lists.  A companion to the book,  the two part documentary program The Root of All Evil? was written and narrated by Dawkins for Channel 4 in the UK.  The film has not been shown in the US, but is available on Google video. 

Part I: The God Delusion

Part II: The Virus of Faith


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A friend of mine has decided to create a website that parodies the US army recruitment site. Interesting in itself, but I thought it would be relevant here because if you click on the banner in the site, you are able to watch a documentary film called “Paralels” in it’s entirety.

I saw this film being shown at the Calgary International film festival and it is being shown at the Vancouver international film festival as well. The film deals with desertion and interviews soldiers from Vietnam and Iraq who decided to desert, showing the “parallels” in their experiences. Very cool, worth checking out, it’s an important issue and it’s better than paying the 10 bucks to see it in the theatre.
click here to view


In an hour long documentary for German television, Werner Herzog returns to the South American jungle with Juliane Koepcke, the woman who was the sole survivor of a plane crash there in 1972. They travel the streets of the country and eventually go to the site of the crash.  The film is now available in its entirety online.

View Film