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Laura on September 3rd, 2006 at 12:34 pm 

Hi, I just wanted to let your know that you’re missing a great little festival in Portland, OR called the PISS! Fest (Portland International Short Short Film Festival) which is presented by
Zonker Films and Sour Apple Productions in partnership with Film Action Oregon.

PISS Fest! showcases films from around the globe that run the gamut of themes and styles—from the dark and avant-garde to the hilariously absurd—with the only common thread among them being running time: ten minutes or less.

The 5th Annual PISS Fest! will be held October 19-21, 2006 at the Historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. More information can be found at

The 2006 PISS Fest! is produced in partnership with Film Action Oregon.

Richard Burnsed on September 15th, 2006 at 2:30 am 

Sacramento Film Festival Seeks submissions:

The 2007 Sacramento Film Festival will be held March-April, 2007, at top venues throughout Sacramento, California.

We are currently accepting submissions for the Festival. Deadlines loom so please go to our website now and enroll your film. For full details regarding submission rules and deadlines, go to our website at:

The Sacramento International Film Festival (SFF) is an arts organization with year round activities, culminating in an annual film celebration. With years of experience, SFF organizers offer events for film enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Located in the heart of California’s film Capital, SFF attracts the best filmmakers, today’s hottest stars and distinguished industry guests as well as thousands of film enthusiasts from around the world.

Filmmakers will enjoy the Sacramento Film Festival for its exceptional hospitality and its commitment to visionary artists. With enthusiastic audiences and beautiful venues, the Festival offers a fantastic way to premiere a film in the Capital of California. Plus, the Festival can gain much publicity for a film opening. We are proud to offer this first class event in celebration of artists and their craft.

Deadlines: Publish as needed…
August 1 Regular deadline
September 1 late deadline
October 15 final deadline
November 1 WAB only extended deadline

Sacramento International Film Festival Contact info.
1500 West El Camino av. suite #362
Sacramento, Ca 95833
PH: 916-475-9616

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