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Are you wanting to make a documentary, but are stuck on how to get started? Or are you in the middle of a project and have gotten lost in the story? Perhaps you are finished with your film, but you don’t know how to market, distribute or publicize it – especially on a limited budget. If this is the case, or you have some other block to getting your film made, then you should take The Documentary Film Makers Course.

Proctored by Andrew Zinnes and Genevieve Jolliffe the co-authors of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook and the best selling The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series. Andrew and Genevieve are also working filmmakers whose projects have been seen on MTV, PBS, BBC, ITV and Channel 4 UK.

The class will cover such areas as Concept, Finding Funding, Production & Post, Standard and Alternative Marketing & Distribution, Film Festivals and Living the Documentary Filmmaker Lifestyle – how to survive.

When: November 11&12, 10AM-6PM
Where: The Heart Touch Project, 3400 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405 – in the Santa Monica Airport complex.
Price: $299/$249 for members. Go to, click on The Documentary Film Makers Course, click on the INFOLIST Add to cart button, type INFOLIST into the coupon box, click “recalculate” and then proceed through checkout.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL US at 310-941-2168 or e-mail us at

n/a on November 2nd, 2016 at 10:59 am 

What year is this happening?

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