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The Forbidden Knowledge Conference UK 2006.

Author, organiser and film-maker, Philip Gardiner

In 2006 best selling author, Philip Gardiner, held one of the UK’s biggest conferences on the unexplained and forbidden knowledge. With some of the world’s biggest names flying in the event was a huge success and is planned again for 2007. But if you missed out, fear not, because Gardiner had the event filmed and with USA company Reality Entertainment has now released the DVD.

The film features authors Andrew Collins, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Michael Cremo, Dr Robert Feather, Hamish Miller, Alan Alford, Nick Pope and of course Philip Gardiner. However, it Gardiner also arranged for an extra interview to be added with Dr John Jay Harper courtesy of Conscious Media Network.

The DVD has been specially edited and includes cutting edge music from the UK’s great new band, Soul Path, as well as Warrior, WWIII and many more.

From the mystery of Cygnus to the secret symbols of Freemasons; from the journey into the heart of a dark secret society to the real X-Files, this DVD has it all.

For more information go to or visit Contact: Michael Pralin at part of Mayfair Promotions.REALITY ENTERTAINMENT
Foresthill CA 95631

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