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My Feature Doc Film on the man, his times and his music titled: ELECTRIC HEART -don ellis will be ready for delivery in 2007 (May). The film will first public screen in Los Angeles as part of The LA Jazz Institute’s Don Ellis Tribute Event also in May. The Film is 80minutes in length. The film is Independently Produced and presently without Distribution. The film tells the story of the most innovative musician of the last 100 years that has been forgotton about. Ellis died in 1978 at the young age of 44 having accomplished works in jazz, classical, rock and his version of world music like nothing of the day or afterwards. His breed of big band music crossed-over onto new paths never taken before. He basically invented “Fusion” before Miles Davis had thought of it. Over a decade of research has been done on the project and the film includes testimonials from some of todays hottest jazz stars including the late Maynard Ferguson and a special appearance by pulitizer winning composer Gunther Schuller. This is not only a musical oriented Documentary Film but one that will warm the soul to anyone in the arts. The film is a official selection of The Copenhagan International Film Festival for 2007. For more information please go to: There you can view the opening clip, a special slideshow and the synopsis and outline with credit list. This is most certainly not just another jazz film but a film of most memorable and historical material of the amazing story of Don Ellis. John Vizzusi, Filmmaker / Sights & Sounds Films 2007

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