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Adrian Grenier, the heartthrob star of the hit television series “Entourage”, had a gaping mystery most of his life — he didn’t know who his father was.

But long before he shot to fame with his portrayal of Vincent Chase on “Entourage”, a show about the  hangers-on of a rising celebrity in Hollywood, Grenier turned the camera on himself.

Armed with barely any money, but with an idea and good friend Jon Davidson by his side, he set out to find his father, a man he had not seen in 18 years and knew little about.

He eventually found John Dunbar, and he found that he could now put to rest his childhood.

The product of his curiosity turned into “Shot in the Dark”, a documentary that took seven years to finish and had its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on the weekend.

Full story from MSNBC

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