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Filmmaker Resources

New England Film – The ultimate filmmaker resource.  Site includes numerous articles on all aspects of filmmaking, current news, as well as discussion forums.

IndieWIRE – The best source for comprehensive independent film news. – A must visit for documentary filmmakers.  Contains extensive information on all matters relating to cameras and filmmaking.

Documentary Film Production Companies – This list contains over 200 production companies from the library at U.C. Berkeley.

Independent Television Service (ITVS) – Established by Congress, the ITVS is charged with providing funds and resources for independent filmmakers that are doing work which is deemed risky and addresses the needs of underserved audiences.  A considerable amount of funding is provided, so visit the site regularly and consider subscribing to their email updates to stay informed.

International Documentary Association – A non-profit group devoted exclusively to raising public awareness of documentaries and documentarians.  The IDA also publishes the periodical International Documentary.

Bright Lights Film Journal – Long a fixture of academic film studies, this journal, with its unique focus on film as propaganda is now available online, and its content should not be missed.   Conveniently, their coverage of documentary film is indexed for easy access. 

Independent Film Project (IFP) – The IFP is a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to providing resources and avenues of communication for those in the independent film industry and those with an interest in it.  The organization is most effective in creating a system which facilitates communication between filmmakers.  The IFP has regional representation in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and New York, but would like to continue to expand to other areas with local programs.

Proletariat Pictures – Our favorite part of this site is its Guerrilla Filmmaking 101.  This free, online, book length resource takes you from early motivational issues to dealing with festivals and agents.  If you are even thinking about making a film is a good place to start.  Site also includes articles, film listings, and other support material. – Extensive information provided for all aspects of wildlife films and filmmakers.

Media College – Hundreds of step by step tutorials for all aspects of working with video.

Cineaste – An independent quarterly film journal focusing on both the art and policits of cinema.  Highly readable, a good resource for film viewers and filmmakers.