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Friends Forever, the feature-length debut of Ben Wolfinsohn, follows bandmates and professed “Friends Forever”, Josh and Nate, as they travel across America, spreading the news that rock-and-roll is not dead. Or maybe it is. Or maybe it’s just dying. To be honest, after three viewings, I’m not sure if Friends Forever is trying to save rock-and-roll or kill it altogether. What is clear is that, no matter what, it’s going to go out kicking and screaming.

Click here to read the full review by Mark Nichols.

John Marsh on September 3rd, 2006 at 9:04 am 

The trailers alone (and there are many) are worth the purchase of this doc of a unique performance-art-band. Loud, sloppy, funky and scatalogical at times, this captures ‘the scene.’ My daughter likes this vid better than Don’t Look Back.’

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