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Discovery on the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant to be released in a forthcoming documentary and book.

In March 2007 the Truth about the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant will be Revealed as one man’s search uncovers the ancient truth in a tale as exciting as Raiders of the Lost Ark…

Following years of painstaking research and thousands of miles travelling across the globe international best selling author, Philip Gardiner, will finally reveal how the Shroud was made, whose image it portrays and its age. In addition Gardiner will reveal the links between it, the Ark of the Covenant and Mary herself.

The startling revelations will be shown in both a book and DVD documentary entitled The Ark, The Shroud and Mary due out at the end of March [see trailer here]. The book will be published by the USA publishing house New Page books who last year released Gardiner’s Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed which went best seller for them and has catapulted Gardiner onto the world stage with over 400 radio interviews and appearing on TV, newspapers and general media. The DVD will be released at the same time world-wide by Reality Films part of the world’s largest independent entertainment companies, Reality Entertainment. Co-produced by Gardiner and the European wing of Reality,, the production sees Gardiner travel the globe to uncover the whereabouts of the Ark and much more. From Egypt, Ethiopia and India to Portugal, France and Rome, Gardiner unravels a mysterious thread.

The author then finds himself engulfed in a world of secret societies with clandestine meetings in far-off lands and discovers an ancient truth held sacred by the brotherhood for millennia. One author who has watched the film and read the book in advance said:

“A suspense-filled, fact-packed adventure story…an epigrammatic tale that needs to be told to the whole wide world…clearly the next blockbuster movie sequel in the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ series.” Dr. J. J. Harper, author, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

Nobody has gone to such depths to uncover the truth and nobody has come under such a dangerous situation. Is this is the final story in the Ark, the Shroud and Mary?

In April and May Gardiner will be appearing on radio and TV across the USA and world. In June Philip Gardiner will be flying to Australia to speak at the International and Scientific Symposium ( as well as appearing on TV, radio and at book signings. On October 13th he will be speaking at a major Templar event in Paris commemorating the beginning of the downfall of the Knights Templar (see and in November he will be at Chet Snow’s event in Arizona.

To book Gardiner for radio, TV or other media/book signing events, or for articles for magazines etc we strongly advise you contact us as soon as possible because Gardiner is already being booked up and we only have limited dates available.

For more information see,,,

Contact: Michael Pralin at for press packs, bookings etc and for first edition signed copies of the book.

Musical underscoring for the documentary was produced by the highly acclaimed new band Soul Path (see

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