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Original name: Pee (in Tamil)
Duration: 26 minutes
Year of completion: 2003
Language: Tamil with English subtitles
Format: Mini DV
Form: Documentary


Mariyammal, a dalit (untouchable or harijan or scheduled caste) is a worker with Madurai Municipal Corporation in Madurai, South India. She is involved in manual scavenging activity – which still prevails in India – and is in the payroll of the Government of Tamilnadu.

The film shot while she was at work, shows the extent of humiliation she goes through everyday for 25 years. She sweeps, collects and carries the night soil in a street adjacent to a Hindu temple, with help of a broom, a vessel and some ash every morning without fail.

The film uses a lot of symbols to bring out the discrimination she experiences while others lead a life with dignity around her.

The film has no voice over per se. It has no music. It also does not have an activist or an expert but Mariyammal and her work.

Festivals and awards:

Tirupur video festival, Tamilnadu 2004(awards shared)
Sivagangai video competion, Tamilnadu 2004 (awards shared)
Jeevika 2004, New Delhi
One Billion Eyes – Indian Documentary Festival, Chennai 2005 (best film award)
Mumbai Internation Film Festival 2006 – National Jury Award
VIBGYOR Indian Documentary Film Festival 2006 – Best Documentary Film

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