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“Punto de Vista”, the Navarra International Documentary Film Festival, is now inviting submissions for the next edition of the festival which will take place 23th February – 3rd March 2007, in Pamplona (Spain). Rules and application form are available in the festival’s website

The competition is open to participation by documentaries of any nationality made after 1st of June 2005. Fiction, institutional or publicity films will not be admitted, nor reports or works of a journalistic nature.

There are no limits with regard to subject matter, length or original language.

The “Punto de Vista” Documentary Film Festival is a space for celebrating, discovering and analysing the form of cinema generically grouped under the heading of ‘documentary’. It is held annually in Pamplona (Spain) in February.


The deadlines for receiving the films are the following ones:

-Films produced between the 1st of June 2005 and the 1st of August 2006: 10th of AUGUST 2006.
-Films produced from the 1st of August 2006 on: 9th of NOVEMBER 2006.


The Navarra International Documentary Film Festival has the following awards:

Official Prizes:

– “Punto de Vista” First Prize for the best film: 9.000 euro
– Prize Jean Vigo for the best Director: 5.000 euro
– First Prize for the best short film: 3.500 euro

Special Prizes:

– The Audience’s Special Prize for the best film: 2.500 euro
– Special mentions: The Jury will be able to award up to three special mentions, worth 1.000 euro each.

Should “Punto de Vista” First Prize be awarded to a short film, Prize for the best short film will not be awarded at all and its sum will be kept for the Jury in order to increase the sum of the Special Mentions or to award new ones.

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