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Mission Statement
Founded in 1998, Documentary Films .Net was relaunched with renewed energy in 2006. This site provides documentary film information and resources to both viewers and filmmakers. Documentary Films .Net is 100% volunteer driven and is lucky to have a devoted base of filmmakers, reviewers, IT people and students to keep the dream alive. The content here is created by people with a passion for documentary films.  In that vein, we’ve tried to keep the site as open as possible by allowing readers to add documentary films, festivals, events and resources to relevant sections of the site.  In so doing, we hope to provide a valuable resource to those with an interest in documentary films while simultaneously helping independent documentary filmmakers and festival coordinators promote their films and events.  As a community oriented resource, Documentary Films .Net is in a state of perpetual motion — constantly evolving with the community on which it depends.

Site Layout
Documentary Films .Net attempts to provided information on documentaries in four ways.

Film Central – Coverage includes reviews, film releases, updates on upcoming films, and essays covering various aspects of documentary films.

Resource and Festival Directory – Launched in a new easy to use database format in 2007. Listings are provided to studios and television networks which have a history of releasing documentary films, general film information sites which have a significant focus of documentary films, film festivals, production companies, film schools, funding sources, and many other resources that relate to filmmakers.

Film Directory – This site is about the appreciation of documentary films, and as such, we attempt to provide as much exposure to documentary films as possible. In 2006 the documentary review database was launched (with a better format in 2007). Anyone can add documentary films to the database and anyone can then review films for themselves.

Community – New to our launch in 2006, Documentary Films .Net is providing a forum. The publisher of this site has benefited from the use of forums in other fields, and feel now is the time to provide a community that can be used by viewers, filmmakers, and all those interested in documentary films.

Filmmakers, publicists, and studios can send screeners and press packs to:

Documentary Films .Net
846 New York Street
Lawrence, KS 66044

Anyone can contact us via email at:

We do our best to answer all the questions that we can. Unfortunately, we can’t be all-knowing. Unless the question is specifically related to this site, we kindly request that you ask questions in the forum.

What They are Saying
The New York Public Library: “Excellent resource for a topic not generously covered on the internet.”

DoubleTake Magazine: “. . . provides extensive coverage and news of documentary production in the United States.”

Writers Guild of America (Elliot Feldman, New Media Committee): “Want to make an independent documentary film? This site provides a good start.”

Internet Movie Database: Only resource site listed and linked to in the IMDb documentary section.

Actors Northwest: “If you’re a documentary-maker, and you’ve got some time to spare; or if you just want to come to terms with the documentary process, sit down and share your time with this site.”

Listed as a resource by:
American Library Association
Director’s Guiled of Great Britain
Australia Film Commission
Arts Council of Northern Ireland
Israeli Foundation for Cinema & T.V.
Berkeley (University of California @)
Harvard University
American University School of Communications
Australian Film Television and Radio School
Ohio University
Hawaii University
University of Colorado
Howard University
The City University of New York
Loyola Marymount University
Wayne State University
Valdesto State University
University of Florida The Documentary Institute
University of Oregon Oregon Documentary Project
University of Alabama Telecommunincation and Film Department
University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC)
University of Iowa
University of Texas at El Paso
Columbia College of Chicago
University of Beira (Portugal)
Temple University Documentary Film Classes
UCLA Documentary Film Course
University of Tampa
University of Puerto Rico Documentary Film Classes
CNN’s Media Matters Course
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
Cyberfilm School
Bright Lights Film Journal
Film Magazine
Art for Change