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devendra khandelwal on October 9th, 2006 at 8:42 am 

Dear friend,

We are organizing an International Film Festival of Short Films on Culture and we wish you to include this information on you site or spread the message to participate, since ENTRY IS FREE.

Festival dates are Feb.11 to 13, 2007. It is an International event to showcase and recognize authentic, artistic, effective and informative short films on culture.

The festival is organized by iiMC (the biggest producers of short films in India as per LIMCA book of records 2006), with the help of Government of Rajasthan. The last date for submission is Dec.31, 2006. Participant may write for economical/subsidized stay and free food-passes.

Please visit to get the full detail and if you still have some question then feel free to write at or

Thanking you,
For International Festival of Short Films on Culture
Devendra Khandelwal /Ketki kapadia
Festival Organising Committee