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Telefest is more than a festival for television. The goal of Telefest is simple – the revolution of television. Telefest is as diverse as the programming currently on network and cable TV, with 15 categories encompassing drama, comedy, reality, soaps, documentaries, films, music videos, stand up comedy, how-to shows, political shows, animation, commercials, teleplays and more. To see all the categories and descriptions, go to our Official Site at

With more cable networks than ever before there is a high demand for fresh, original and unique programming. Additionally, many networks and studios are already airing or filming original series for the internet. On the flip side, all that programming equals heavy competition. More shows are canceled each year than succeed. Thus, there is strong motivation among networks, studios and cable to identify what the audience wants next. We have solved the issue of finding the freshest talent today in a convenient format with audience feedback built in for key decision makers. Plus…

Telefest is unique in that only the audience determines the winners. What does this mean for the contestants? No politics, no gimmicks and no secrets. What does this mean for key decision makers? No politics, no gimmicks and no secrets.
Telefest awards the winners from each category with a full page ad in Variety promoting their wins as well as their own 5 page web site (including streaming video to promote their work and/or show) We provide the winner of each category with hosting for their site for one year. We provide the winner of each category with their own forum to interact with the public. Additional prizes from our sponsors are likely to be awarded to winners as well.

Telefest awards all contestants with exposure and a link for their project on the Telefest site from November, 2006 through January, 2007. The top contestants from each category will have that exposure continued and expanded. The top finalists for each category will be added to the site in a separate voting process from March, 2007 through May, 2007. The winner of each category will have their presentations online until November, 2007.

For the audience, Telefest is a festival made for them. Telefest will be promoted to audiences as a place for visitors to judge the TV festival and interact with the contestants and other TV fans via the forums and chat rooms. Telefest will be a site that enables audiences to express THEIR viewing preferences to networks, studios and cable and artists.
For more information on the submission process and contest deadlines, visit the site at

To discuss this festival further please visit the forum.

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