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Despite producer controvery and strong competition from Food, Inc,  The Cove won the Oscar for best documentary.

Reaction to the win:

“The Cove” is the unsurprising winner for best documentary, beating out the other socially conscious picture “Food, Inc.” More controversial: One of the winners holds up a save-the-dolphins text-message number onstage, which seems like a pretty clear infraction of the academy’s no-promotion rules for the podium, even if it is a promotion for a good cause. @LA Times

An Oscar win by “The Cove,” a documentary chronicling bloody dolphin hunting in a Japanese fishing town, could give the film the critical audience its makers wanted to reach: ordinary moviegoers in Japan.

News that the movie won the Academy Award for best feature documentary was greeted with surprise in Japan because many Japanese hadn’t heard of it. The U.S. film, directed by former National Geographic photographer Louie Psihoyos, hasn’t been shown in commercial theaters in Japan except for a single viewing during the Tokyo International Film Festival in October.

Japanese theaters have stayed away from it because of protests from the town of Taiji, a fishing town of 3,800 people in Western Japan that bills itself as the “birthplace of Japan’s commercial whaling.” The town’s officials requested the film’s Japanese distributor drop it, saying it was shot without permission of its people and constituted libel. @Wall Street Journal

“The Cove” edges out “Food, Inc.” Both films will be useful to aliens in explaining why our species deserved to go extinct. @tildology

Carly on March 18th, 2010 at 9:01 am 

I’m excited this issue is getting worldwide attention! Check out my review of the film on my site “Carly’s Critiques,”

Joey on June 23rd, 2010 at 6:30 pm 

The film is really shocking and moving. I’ll never forget the scence that many Dolphins were collected to a specific spot to be slaughtered by Cruel Japanese fishermen. They cried, they screamed, they wanted help desperately, yet had no reply. Then the red and fresh blood appeared on the sea gradually. …

It’s really horrible to discover the truth. How could that be! I sincerely hope that those who involved in the slaughters and the Japanese government that wants to hide the truth can look back on themselves and make a change!

max on October 10th, 2010 at 11:36 pm 

its shocking how much ruthless these people are. they should be termed as animals and not ‘humans’. btw i am a vegetarian and believe that animal food is meant for animals, not humans

Lloyd on January 21st, 2011 at 1:28 am 

It is shocking to know only people is the true evil against humanity based on the racial hate crime. Many audience who don’t know about the Sea Shepherd and SS supporters can merely believe the dramatized documentary tells only the true facts of the modern whaling in a local village in Japan, but I have to say SS created it to get a global attention from people. This is an exactly fake documentary which tells only one-side’s opinion and jeopardize other local culture to gain their donation. I also admit this is the worst fake documentary film with the manipulated award.

jenai on March 23rd, 2011 at 11:49 pm 

Dolphins are the angels of the sea! Those people who was involved has NO MERCY! It really made me felt angry and sad, it makes my tears fall down. They kill dolphins because of the reason of having competence in fish! and they sell dolphins for $150,000! I hope the Japanese govt. would stop these killings.

kerajinan tembaga on December 2nd, 2016 at 4:39 pm 

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