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Where: George Washington University
What: The Documentary Center is an expansion of a decade-long commitment at The George Washington University to teaching documentary film production theory and techniques and to creating documentary films for national audiences. Inaugurated in 1990 as The Center for History in the Media, the Documentary Center is one of the few educational centers in the nation that focuses exclusively on the production of non-fiction filmmaking. The Documentary Center is an interdisciplinary program at the school of media and public affairs in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

Jill Foster on September 25th, 2006 at 5:30 pm 

Thanks for citing GWU’s Center; as a DC resident — I was pleased to see their influence on some entries to the recent DC Shorts Film Fest. I’ll attend one of their workshops next month as well.

Quick afterthought: do you, or your readers, offer criticism/feedback to amateur documentarians? If so, I would value thoughts at the above-cited blog for my first project. If you’re swamped with such requests, I certainly understand you declining.
Kind Regards…..Jill F.

Jill Foster on September 25th, 2006 at 5:40 pm 

–Apologies for the duplicate submittal! To clarify above comment, trailers and ongoing project notes are cited on the blog (…its sole focus is this doc project). Should you view the blog — I offer this to clarify you won’t be swamped with random, non-project data upon accessing the site…..JMF

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