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Where: College of Jounalism and Communications, University of Florida
What: Four accomplished documentary filmmakers lead this comprehensive program.
Programs: Master’s program in documentary production


Fall 2006 Class Schedule

First-Year Students:Course  Title  Day  Period  Room
FIL 6234  Doc Field Production  M  9-11  Weimer GO30
FIL 6238  Doc Research Methods  T  3-5  Weimer G030
FIL 6425  Doc Film History I  M
W  5-6
6  Weimer G030
MMC 6936  Writing for Doc I  W  7-9  Weimer GO30

Second-Year Students:Course  Title  Day  Period  Room
FIL 6235  Producing and Writing  T  10-E1  Weimer G030
FIL 6248  Advanced Post Production  W  10-E1  Weimer G030
MMC 6936  Business of Documentary  W  7-8  Weimer 1098
MMC 6936  Issues and Problems  W  3-5  Weimer 1090

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