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On November 14, 2006 at 9pm EST, HBO is presenting Thin an intimate look into the lives of four women suffering from an eating disorder.

HBO Films and Documentary Films .Net are offering two autographed copies of the accompening book Thin to our readers.  The book is a photojournalistic showcase for the woman in the story and includes photos from author/filmmaker.  Greenfield has been named one of the 25 most influential photographers by American Photo Magazine.

One autographed book will be given to the reader who has the most posts in our forum in the month of October.  The other book to the reader who has posted the most reviews in our new documentary film review database in October.  Click here to see the current top reviewers.

Thin takes director Lauren Greenfield (author of the critically acclaimed book Girl Culture) along the various stages of recovery and downfall through group therapy sessions, mealtimes, weigh-ins and heated arguments.

Thank you to HBO and Deep Focus for making this possible.

All decisions by Documentary Films .Net editors are final on the results.   Be sure to check out this film and contribute to our new sections.

lee krasner on October 16th, 2006 at 5:31 pm 

My daughter was a patient at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia; sorry that we could not contact you before this documentary. She became sicker at that center, their business practices are questionable,and it took a two month stay at Johns Hopkins to lead her to health. Johns Hopkins program is outstanding, one that should be offered to everyone with an eating disorder or other similar illnesses. You might consider speaking to the team at Hopkins.

ajara on October 23rd, 2006 at 7:57 am 

i am an african a merican female who has suffered from an eating disorder for the past 7 years. i am wondering if i can get in cantact with lauren, via email inorder to talk to her about a project i am wokring on that is realated to THIN. I am interviewing african aamerican women about the same subject. Please let me know thank you

Ingrid Ives on November 14th, 2006 at 10:55 am 

I look forward to viewing the finished film. I was a patient at Renfrew for a short time. I am sorry to read the critical post. Everyone has a road to travel with this disease and a program that works for them.
I applaude anyone who endeavors to bring awareness of this disease no matter what the program.

I would like to see someone chronicle the issue of insurance companies lack of coverage for this disease. It was disheartning for me as a well as too many others to hear insurance would only pay for one weeks worth of treatment. Definitely not something you want to hear when you have committed to the process but have no money to foot the bill.

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