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How to Start Your Own Film Festival:  A 12-Step Program

Visit the Film Festival Directory for a Full List of Film Festivals


Exclusively Documentary

Academia Film Olomouc - Annual festival of documentary and popular scientific films & multimedia.

Amnesty International Film Festival

Australian International Documentary Conference - Held in early November.

Denver Jazz on Film Festival - Won't be a venue for most documentary filmmakers, because this festival only shows films about jazz, but if your film meets that criteria you should get in contact with them.  They show historical jazz footage and documentaries.  A must for any jazz fan with the time and the money to get to Denver in mid-February when this festival occurs.

docfest - New York International Documentary Festival.  An annual international non-competitive event spanning 5 days of screenings in New York City.   docfest is held in late April, early May.  All screenings are held at The Directors Guild of America Theater  110 West 57th St., New York City.

Doclands - Ireland's documentary film festival and market.

DocSide Film Festival - Put on by the Documentary Film Project this documentary-only festival will be held in San Antonio, Texas in August.  No web site.  Contact:

DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival This competitive festival is held in May at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC, with a submission deadline in late December.

Doxa: Documentary Film and Video Festival - Canada based festival held in May.

Encounters: South African International Documentary Film Festival - This Cape Town festival is held each year in late June through early July.  The purpose of Encounters is to provide South Africans an opportunity to see some of the world's best documentary films and a forum wherein the filmmakers and public meet and discuss the films. Contact information: Encounters, PO Box 2228, Cape Town 8000. Tel: (021) 448-0608 or Fax: (021) 448- 1065.

Fairfax Documentary Film Festival - No entry fee.  The festival is regional and only features filmmakers working in northern California. No web site.  Contact

Festival dei Popoli - International documentary film festival in Florence.

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival - A competitive festival, held in early May in Toronto, featuring Canadian as well as International documentaries.

The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival- Held in October, Submission Deadline April 30.

International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam - Held in late November.

International Documentary Film Festival (DOCtober)l

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival - Held in early November in New York, submission deadline early May. No entry fee.  No restriction on subject matter, length, or year of production. Each year a selection of titles from that year's Mead Festival travels to independent film and community centers, museums, and universities throughout the nation. Since 1997, the Traveling Festival has been featured at international sites as well. Held by the American Museum of Natural History.

The Museum of Television & Radio's Television Documentary Festival - A non-competitive festival showcasing the most interesting and notable television documentaries of the previous year -- and of the year to come.

One World International Human Rights Film Festival - People in Need Foundation, a relief and humanitarian organization, puts on the first and largest Central European human rights international documentary film event. The One World festival is widely regarded as one of Prague's most important cultural and media events. It takes place in early April.

queerdoc - Billed as the world's first lesbian & gay documentary film festival when it started in 1998, it has continued to host an annual festival dedicated entirely to documentaries that are about, of interest to, or made by queers: transsexual, transgender, bisexual, lesbian or gay. The festival is held in early September.

Samos Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival - Atene (Grecia) Info. Tel : 30.1.8253065 Fax : 30.1.8253065

Sheffield International Documentary Festival

SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival - June festival held in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Sunny Side of the Doc - An international market for documentary professionals including independent producers, distributors, buyers, commissioning editors, and institutional partners specializing in documentaries. The market screens more than 100 documentaries each year. Held in mid-June in Marseilles, France.

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - Annual film festival founded in 1999 and held in Greece. Screens films from around the world with an obviously large number of Greek filmmakers represented. The festival draws a large audience, and a real effort is made to get as many people as possible to see the documentaries presented.

United Nations Association Film Festival

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Film Festival Directories, Information

The Film Festivals Server - The best source available for information on all aspects of festivals.   Festival listings.

Film Festival Directory - One of the most complete lists available.

Complete Listings

Academia Film Olomouc

American Film Institute Los Angeles Film Festival

Amnesty International Film Festival

Angelciti International Film Festival

Antimatter Festival of Underground Short Film and Video

AnimeFEST! - Autumn Festival of Asian Cinema

Arizona International Film Festival

Aurora Picture Show Shorts Showcase

Athens Film Festival

Bare Bones International Film Festival

Berlin Film Festival

Bermuda International Film Festival

Beverly Hills Film Festival

Boston Jewish Film Festival

Breckenridge Festival of Film

Bumbershoot Seattle Arts Festival

California International Film/Video Festival

Cannes International Film Festival

Canyonlands Film & Video Festival

Carolina Films and Video Festival

Central Florida Film Festival

Cleveland International Film Festival

Chicago Asian American Showcase

Chicago International Film Festival

The Chicago Underground Film Festival

Columbus International Film & Video Festival

Conduit 2K: A Digital Film and Gaming Festival

Crested Butte Reel Festival

Crossroads Film Festival

da Vinci Film and Video Festival, The

Dallas Video Festival


DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival

Denver International Film Festival

Denver Jazz on Film Festival

East Lansing Film Festival

Edinburgh's Fringe Film & Video Festival

Festival Film-Video Independen Indonesia

First Festival of Independent Audio/Visual Arts Online

Grand Haven Film Festival

Havana Film Festival in New York

Hamptons International Film Festival

Hardshare Independent Film Festival

Hollywood International Film Festival

Hollywood Shorts Film Festival

Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

INPUT - International Public Television Screening Conference

The International Film Festival Rotterdam

International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Iowa Independent Film and Video Festival

Irish International Film Feadh

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Jamarican Film and Music Festival, The

John Hopkins Film Festival

Kansas City Filmmakers Juliblee

Kingman Films International

Latino Film Festival of Marin

LiteStar Film Festival

Long Island International Film Expo

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film & Video Festival

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Maine International Film Festival

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Marco Island Film Festival

Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival

Maui Film Festival

Method Fest Independent Film Festival

Miami Film Festival

Mill Valley Film Festival

The Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media

The Montreal World Film Festival

Myhelan Indie Film Fest

Nantucket Film Festival

Narrowsburg International Film Festival

Native American Film and Video Festival

New Festival, The

New Orleans Film Festival

New York Film Festival

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

New York Lower East Side Film Festival

New York Underground Film Festival

Newport International Film Festival

NEXTFRAME International Student Film and Video Festival

Northwest Film and Video Festival

Ojai Film Festival

Overlooked Film Festival

Palm Beach International Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Peachtree International Film Festival

Pennsylvania Film Festival

Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema

Portland International Film Festival

ResFest Digital Film Festival

Rhode Island International Film Festival

Saint Louis International Film Festival

San Diego World Film Festival

San Francisco IndieFest

San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Santa Fe Film Festival

Santa Monica Film Festival

Savannah Film and Video Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

Slamdance International Film Festival

Sonoma Valley Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

Taos Talking Picture Festival

The Telluride Independent Film and Screenwriters Festival

Texas Film Festival

Three Rivers Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

United Nations Association Film Festival

Urban World Film Festival

USA Film Festival

Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival

Vermont International Film Festival

Virginia Film Festival

Waterfront Film Festival

Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival

Zeitgeist International Film Festival