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Documentary Film Interview Index

Like our official films index, this page will attempt to index all the interviews of documentary filmmakers available on the Internet.  We hope that the index will allow those who are interested in filmmaking or just films, the chance to better understand the documentary filmmaking process.  If you know of a interview that should be indexed on this page, please email us at

Arthur Dong (By IFP) - A member of IFP/West's Board of Directors, Arthur Dong sat down for an interview in his Silverlake office and shared his thoughts about self-distribution, new media, and his next film. He will have his first Los Angeles retrospective at Outfest on March 8-11 2000, celebrating an acclaimed career that includes a Peabody award, three Sundance Film Festival awards, an Oscar nomination, and five Emmy nominations.

Margaret Lazarus Co-Founder of Cambridge Documentary Films -Production Company (By - Filmmaker Margaret Lazarus talks about her inspiration for Cambridge Documentary Films and her motivation to make films about social justice.

Ellie Lee (By - Discusses her animated documentary Repetion Comulsion.   Not familiar with the animated documentary, well be sure to read this interview.

Shawn Hainsworth (By - In filming his doc about three Amerasian families who take the leap between worlds from Vietnam to the United States, he spent six years and traveled to three countries.   Documentary filmmaking takes commitment.

Susan Walsh of the Center for Independent Documentary (By

Laurel Chiten (By

Roberto Arevalo (By

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (By indieWIRE) - Directors of The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Barry Blaustein (By indieWIRE) - First time director.  Directed Beyond the Mat.   A big-time New York screenwriter (Coming to America, Boomerang, The Nutty Professor and the upcoming The Nutty II: The Klumps) on his love of wrestling, and his making of a doc about wrestling.

Deann Borshay Liem (By indieWIRE) - On directing a documentary that involves oneself, and searching out one's own history and family.

Aviva Kempner (By indieWIRE) - Thirteen year project.  Done without a narrator.   The film The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg follows the life of one of the first Jewish major league baseball players.

Michael Apted (By indieWIRE) - Go Up, Up, Up, with this legendary documentary film director.

Chris Smith and Sarah Price (By indieWIRE) - Interesting interview with the directors of American Movie, the 1999 Sundance Documentary Grand Jury Prize.  A great film that you should definately make an effort to see.  An interview with the subject of the film is also available, and provides insight into being the subject of a documentary.

Chuck Workman (By indieWIRE) - Industry veteran.  Director of The Source, an exhaustive documentary compendium of the Beat Generation.

Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen (By indieWIRE) - On the Ropes.  Interview addresses questions of conflict in the filmmaking process when multiple people are involved, Sundance, and distribution.

Reed Paget (By indieWIRE) - Amerikan Passport.  Traveling the world, filming in war zones, editing down, and credit card finance.

Julia Loktev (By indieWIRE) - Personal documentary on father's life after a debilitating car accident.   Example of the impact of Sundance awards.

Meema Spadola and Thom Powers (By indieWIRE) - Private Dicks.  Working for HBO (positive).  Dealing with a taboo subject (penises).  Production techniques.

S. R. Bindler (By indieWIRE) - Be the last person with your hand on the car and you win it.  This is the premise of the documentary, Hands on the Hardbody.   You never know where you will find a interesting documentary subject.