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Even though in our 21st Century discrimination is still seen and heard but never spoken publicly about within our workplaces and public places. This documentary will prove that many large companies and organisations still pretend to obey by the rules of the current Disability Discrimination Act. With interview with employees of organisations claiming they’re being blamed and push aside due to discrimination.

Timothy Fielding is set to produce with his brother Paul Fielding to direct. Flexstone Pictures will produce the documentary to be overseen by LA based Spooks Studio .


After working successfully on their new documentary An Island’s Legacy Timothy Fielding and Paul Fieldingare due to produce a horror film “Woodland Cross”. Paul will direct and Timothy will produce the project, to look to start filming later this year.

Flexstone Pictures will produce the film.

Casting is believed to have begun with sights set on a Summer UK Release.


100th year of the TT racers on the Isle of Man. The documentary covers the build up to the famous race, the tourism to the Island and the future of the TT. Interviews with include Geoff Corkish MBE MHK, Allan Fielding and many more…