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Filmmaker Resources

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Festival Information- All Festival announcements are listed on our festival page.  This page should be consulted when considering where to submit films for screening.
General Filmmaker Resource Sites
Film Schools
Documentary Distributors
Filmmaker Resource Listings
Production Companies

General Filmmaker Resources

New England Film - The ultimate filmmaker resource.  Site includes numerous articles on all aspects of filmmaking, current news, as well as discussion forums.

How to Fund Your Film by Robert C. DiGregorio, Jr.

IndieWIRE- The best source for comprehensive independent film news.

A Digital Doc-Making Case Study, Bennett Miller's "The Cruise" by Eugene Hernandez
    Great Article for those filmmakers who are considering going digital.

D.I.Y. Distribution - Part I by Doug Wolen
    Film finished?, consider distributing it yourself. - A must visit for documentary filmmakers.  Contains extensive information on all matters relating to cameras and filmmaking.

Documentary Film Production Companies - This list contains over 200 production companies from the library at U.C. Berkeley.

PBS Resources for Independent Filmmakers- Collection of PBS film submission guidelines, and other filmmaker resource links.

Independent Television Service (ITVS) - Established by Congress, the ITVS is charged with providing funds and resources for independent filmmakers that are doing work which is deemed risky and addresses the needs of underserved audiences.  A considerable amount of funding is provided, so visit the site regularly and consider subscribing to their email updates to stay informed.

IDFA Monthly - Cover international documentary filmmaking with extensive articles on filmmakers and projects worldwide, including the U.S..  All articles are archived and searchable.

International Documentary Association- A non-profit group devoted exclusively to raising public awareness of documentaries and documentarians.  The IDA also publishes the periodical International Documentary.

Bright Lights Film Journal - Long a fixture of academic film studies, this journal, with its unique focus on film as propaganda is now available online, and its content should not be missed.   Conveniently, their coverage of documentary film is indexed for easy access. 

Documenter - An Australian on-line journal of documentary film. They have done several issues, so their archive definitely deserves a look. - A site with a variety of information on documentary films, including a mailing list of current news.  Good coverage of Europe.

Independent Film Project (IFP) - The IFP is a not-for-profit service organization dedicated to providing resources and avenues of communication for those in the independent film industry and those with an interest in it.  The organization is most effective in creating a system which facilitates communication between filmmakers.  The IFP has regional representation in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and New York, but would like to continue to expand to other areas with local programs.

D-Word - Site run by Doug Block, that cover his films, but also acts as a  worldwide virtual community and resource site for documentary filmmakers. - Extensive information provided for all aspects of wildlife films and filmmakers.

Film Schools

AFI Online
Hollywood Film Institute Cyberspace Film School
Center for Digital Imaging and Sound
Center for Documentary Studies (Duke University)
Cyber Film School
The Documentary Institute (University of Florida)
Gulf Islands Film and Television School
Film and TV Connection
NYU School of Continuing Education
Film School Confidential
Stanford Program in Documentary Studies
Vancouver Film School

Documentary Distributors

*** Case study of distributing documentaries via home video. ***

Bullfrog Films - Bullfrog Films is the nation's leading US environmental video publisher, with more than 600 titles in the areas of environmental and social sciences, genetics, economics, Asian studies, marine biology and environmental ethics. Bullfrog also publishes internationally acclaimed videos from Rhombus Media on music, composers, and performing arts.

Fanlight Productions - Fanlight Productions was founded by independent filmmakers to ensure that their productions, and those who use them, would receive the individualized attention they need and deserve. Fanlight has been distributing  independent documentaries and educational films on healthcare, aging, mental health, disabilities, ethics, family and gender issues for more than 18 years. Fanlight's more than 200 titles have received some of the most prestigious awards in the field, including Oscars, Apples, and the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton for broadcast journalism.

First Run / Icarus Films - A leading distributor of documentary film and video. They carry 700 films and videos, with mostly independent productions.

Additional Resources:

Video University List of Video and Films Distributors International Distributors List

Filmmaker Resource Listings

National Video Resources (NVR) - A not-for-profit organization established in 1990 by the Rockefeller Foundation. Their goal is to assist in increasing the public's awareness of and access to independently produced media & film and video as well as motion media delivered through the new digital technologies.

NVR believes these works, documentaries as well as narrative, experimental and educational films and videos, provide important visions of diversity and individual expression that contribute unique perspectives to our culture. These works can create a powerful, shared experience among those who view them and often lead to reflection, discussion and action.

NVR designs and implements projects that help enable individuals and organizations such as public libraries, colleges and universities, and other non-profits to acquire and use independent film and video. NVR also commissions and publishes research on issues of concern to independent media makers, distributors, educators, activists and individuals.
*** Case study of distributing documentaries via home video. *** - is creating an on-line community of activists, media makers, and filmmakers by providing a site for the exchange of ideas and resources. Media professionals can draw on the experiences of frontline activists and discover stories often overlooked in mainstream media. Activists can further their campaigns by teaming up with filmmakers to make advocacy videos or publicize their work. Educators and activists can locate videos and films from the sites database of social issue documentaries to use in classrooms and communities.  If you're a filmmaker and would like to add your social issue film to their database by clicking here.

- Based in New York City since 1995,  DocuClub offers filmmakers a safe environment to screen their works-in-progress, known as In-the-Works, to a group of industry professionals and lovers of the form. Gathering at the Museum of Modern Art's screening room since 1997, In-the-Works offers critical feedback to filmmakers before they lock picture; an opportunity for networking; and the ability to track films at an early stage of development.  Looking to the future, DocuClub plans to help other filmmakers start satellite clubs, by either creating chapters in their own regions of the country, or by helping to incorporate the DocuClub model into existing film screening series. Make sure you check out the bottom of the main page at , because that is were they hide the navigation bar which leads to a wealth of information that should not be missed.  For more information, please contact us at

Film and TV Connection - A movie and broadcast industry educational program. Students train on-site at their worldwide member network of over 15,000 major film studios and video production houses, radio and TV stations. - is a Web community bringing together media professionals
and video enthusiasts from around the world.  They offer members
access  to JavuNetwork(tm), a revolutionary online multimedia editor
and management product (like avid and adobe, but online), video hosting
services, and community forums for the discussion and broadcasting their
work.  A great resource for those considering showing or editing their films over the internet.

Mark Litwak
is a veteran entertainment attorney who has written a number of books on the movie industry and business of filmmaking. On his site he offers a number of excellent excerpts from his book including Breaking into Showbiz, Self-defense for Filmmakers, and Dealmaking Tips for Film and Television:   The Acquisition/Distribution Agreement. If you enjoy the articles be sure to learn more by purchasing some of his books.

VeniGraphics, Inc.  specializes in short run video sleeves (quantities as small as 5) and high quality, low price design. A great opportunity for independent filmmakers who need a resource for packaging in small numbers. VeriGraphics is located just outside Minneapolis in Minnesota, USA. Call them Toll Free (877) 836-4439

Lawana Enterprises - Indie Film/Video and Graphics Artist - Vicki  Lawana D'Angelo  PO Box 1982 Burbank, CA 91507-1982

A Story Untold Productions producers of multi-cultural documentary films and reality videos. 5255 Blakeslee Ave. #3   North Hollywood, CA 91601 (818) 753-8059

Ag Films, Inc.
owns an Aaton XTR Prod camera package that it uses to shoot and they also rent it out to productions companies.  They are willing to shoot documentaries. Contact: Jay Silver,phone (718) 383 1325 fax (718) 383 1325 pager/vm (800) 358 6035, 203 N. Henry St. #3 Brooklyn, NY 11222

Studio Depot produces and sells lighting and power equipment designed to satisfy the needs of the motion picture, television, video and photographic industries.

D. Nightingale & Associates offers courses, seminars, educational books, and much more for those interested in all aspects of film and television. Based out of Canada, but with several excellent articles on getting distribution regardless of location.

Documentary Production Companies

Arcwelder Films

Big Mouth Productions

InnerCity Films - Independent documentary productions in the San Francisco Bay Area

Production Companies (General)

Alliance Releasing
Arctic Design & Supply Company
Artatak Films
Bangor Films
Black Bear Productions
The Bridge Studios
California Newsreel
Cali Z Productions
Centropolis Entertainment
Charlotte Film and Video
Claddagh Films Limited
CNI Cinema
Command Pictures INC.
Concentric Media
Coyote Pass Productions
D & S Video Productions
Davenport Films
David Kearse Productions
DC Productions & Avalanche Film Company
Delta-9/Eden Matrix
Diatheke Eirene LTD
Digital Alley
Digital Extreme Online
Digital Magik Post
East Side Film Company
Edit Art
Edward R. Pressman Films
Emulsion Films
Film House Productions
Gabriel G. Mostert International Film Productions
Gemini Productions
Genuine Buck Film
Globe Film Company
Grand Central Studios
Graphic Programs
Guerilla Films
Gulliver Films Productions
Haley Productions
Iber Film Production
Icelandic Film Corporation
Iguana Films
Imagex Productions
Independent Feature Project/West
The Independent Filmmakers Studio
In the Park Productions
International Documentary Association
Kestrel Productions
Kingman Films International
Kinopravada Productions
La Femina Moving Pictures
Lenswork Productions
Light House Film and TV
Living Spirits Pictures
Lunatic Fringe Productions
Mandrake Production
Matrixx Entertainment
Media Cube
Mellow Mood Productions
Mentorn Films
Michael Wiese Productions
Millennium Films/Production Specialties
Mojave Production Services
Moriah Films
Muse of Fire Productions
New Media Entertainment
Nichol Moon Entertainment
Null Set Productions
Outsider Productions
Pacific Title Digital
Panther City Films
Planet X Studios
Random Foo Pictures
Red Menace Publishing
View Askew Productions
WARPED Productions