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Lucky Filmmaker to Grab Five Acres of Taos Real Estate

Taos Talking Pictures' Land Grant Award winner to be chosen
at 2001 Festival, April 5 - 8

Trophies and certificates are okay for some festivals, but we at Taos
Talking Pictures believe the best awards don't fit on a mantle or in a
picture frame. That's why each year we give out the Taos Land Grant
Award-the biggest, most permanent prize anywhere-which presents five acres
of land on Cerro Montosa to a singular filmmaker, one who demonstrates a
passion and inventiveness in telling our stories.

This year's recipient, chosen by a jury of filmmakers at the Festival, will
be announced on April 7. Previous winners include Gary Alan Walkow, for
Notes from Underground; Constance Marks, for Green Chimneys; Chris Eyre,
for Smoke Signals; David Riker, for La Ciudad; and Daniel Yoon, for Post

2001 Finalists

James Fortier, for Alcatraz Is Not an Island: Along with Stonewall and the
March on Washington, the occupation of Alcatraz by Native American
activists was one of the most important civil rights actions of the 1960s,
yet few know this remarkable story, one that continues to shape policy to
this day.

Kim Snyder, for I Remember Me: Five years ago, Snyder was stricken with a
mysterious illness. Bedridden, and with doctors scratching their heads,
Synder used the camera to begin contemplating her disease, which was being
called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Billy Wirth, for MacArthur Park: Tyrone, once a family man and talented
trumpet player, has become Cody, a crack head playing sage to his fellow
addicts in MacArthur Park. Edited to the jumpy rhythms of an urban crack
consciousness, Wirth's compelling directorial debut offers an authentic
view of Los Angeles' gritty core.

Christopher Munch, for The Sleepy Time Gal: Frances (Jacqueline Bisset) has
spent her years living in reckless abandon. Now, facing her own mortality,
Frances decides to try and reconcile with her son and mother, and to visit
an old flame with whom she had an illegitimate daughter 30 years earlier. A
strikingly beautiful film.

Lukas Moodysson, for Together: In a tiny 1970s commune-actually a house in
a suburban neighborhood-the members manage to keep together until the
arrival of three outsiders. At times howlingly funny, this film offers a
terrific reminder of the problems to be discovered in every little Eden.

Chris Hegedus and Jehane Noujaim, for They started with
nothing-empty boxes for furniture, a Manhattan loft space, and a good
idea-but by two years later they had built a dot-com valued at tens of
millions of dollars. The rise and stunning fall of is the
subject of Noujaim and Hegedus's terrific film.

The Taos Land Grant Award is sponsored by Taos Land and Film Company and
KTAO, Solar 101.9 FM.

The Taos Talking Picture Festival, scheduled for April 5-8, 2001, is a
celebration of cinema artists and their art. Created by Taos Talking
Pictures, a New Mexico-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) media arts organization,
the festival was launched in 1994 to encourage the thoughtful production
and informed consumption of mass media. Since its inception, the festival
has showcased more than 600 films and videos from more than 40 countries,
including more than 100 U.S. and world premieres. The festival includes the
Taos Media Forum, a one-of-a-kind gathering of filmmakers, media theorists,
and educators concerned about the impact of the mass media on our culture.

Ann Mattingley or
Dancer Dearing
Taos Talking Pictures
505.751.7385 (fax) *

Dancer Dearing
Director of Communications
Taos Talking Pictures
1337 Gusdorf Rd., Taos NM 87571
505.751.0637, Fax: 505.751.7385