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The Department of Media Studies at The New School is now accepting applications for its fall 2007 Documentary Media Studies certificate program. Launched in September 2006, this one-year intensive program is designed for college graduates and working professionals interested in hands-on documentary filmmaking. Working closely with faculty and visiting filmmakers like D.A. Pennebaker and Peter Davis, students are encouraged to use the documentary medium to create works of social and political significance.

The program offers a select group of students the unique opportunity to learn about documentary history, theory and video and film production in the heart of New York City. The curriculum culminates with a 30-minute individual documentary, which each student films and edits over the course of the program. Upon completion, students may apply their credits toward a master’s degree in media studies at The New School — the largest media studies MA program in the country — or use their skills to enter the world of professional documentary filmmaking.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please visit or call 212.229.5630.


Mayfair Book Promotion, Inc, announces a new way forward for the author and publishing industry with the launch of their new website

With over forty years of experience in the publishing industry Mayfair Book Promotion are moving ahead of the times with their new website and technological initiatives. Publishing a book yourself requires taking on a long check list usually managed by the staff of a large publishing house that handles countless book titles every month. You become in essence just another number unless your name is Dan Brown or Graham Hancock and often publishers simply don’t have time to give each and every book or author a fair shot at the market. This is where Mayfair come into their own, offering both the author and the publisher new and exciting avenues into the market place.

Mayfair have refined a system that makes it easy to handle the overwhelming but very necessary initiatives to get any book or manuscript ready for the bookshelves – let alone the ever competitive book marketplace and yet still give full time and effort to individuals who may not have a big name. But in addition they also have inter-company links with newly formed and highly successful team at to enable books to be turned into documentaries, films and audio books.

Using the new and mostly secret methods, Mayfair have proven that they can take books into the top sellers lists and other publishing companies want to know how. In fact Mayfair is not just for the author as publishers and agent can also use the Mayfair Book Promotion services, which are broken down into segments for simplicity. One publishing company recently switched their promotion services from in-house to Mayfair because it actually worked out to be cheaper and more effective than doing it themselves.

Part of the team is located in London England with further offices in California and through their numerous contacts they deal on a regular basis with the world’s largest publishers, distributors and wholesalers. Mayfair Book Promotion and Author Publicity has over 40 years of collective knowledge in all aspects of the publishing dilemma that all author’s face. From distribution to manufacturing, from press releases to radio campaigns, Mayfair has the knowledge and the experience to get results for your book or catalog. Their services and related programs are applicable to all genres although they have specialized in the inspirational and metaphysical market. Designed to assist authors, self-publishers and publishing companies, Mayfair has catapulted many authors onto the world stage such as the international best selling author, Philip Gardiner, Dr John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers; Shamans of the 21st Century and international best seller Brad Steiger among many others.

Their expertise and experience in the publishing industry enables them to determine a customized plan for maximum impact for their clients. They feel each book is unique in its own right and evaluate every applicable aspect of the book, from cover art to editing, from annotations to marketing materials.

Using the latest technologies such as Print on Demand and ebooks, as well as the usual printed form, Mayfair, through their inter-company links with can also get books turned into DVD documentary and audio books with a full list of experts, producers, directors, presenters and voice over artists. In fact, Mayfair and offer a service unparalleled anywhere else within the industry and now the doors have been thrown wide open for everybody to join in.

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8th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006

Venues: Madura College, Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Lady Doak College, Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, MUTA Hall and Usilampatti

6 December 2006

Madura College

12:00 Printed Rainbow 15 mints
12:20 Tales from the Margins 23 mints
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Kol Tales 62 mints
3:10 Bol Gow Bol 06 mints
3:15 The Mall on top of my house 06 mints
4:00 Bare 10 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Ilayum Mullum 90 mints
Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

5:30 Final Solution 74 mints
6:45 The House on the Gulmohar Avenue 30 mints
7 December 2006

Madura College

10:00 Final Solution 72 mints
11:30 The Right to Survive 52 mints
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Dancing Aloud 01 mints
2:05 Every Day 07 mints
2:15 The Beard 24 mints
2:45 Luminous Shadows 43 mints
3:30 The One Tree Project 24 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Sehjo Film and discussion 60 mints
4:00 Q2P 53 mints
Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

6:00 Karen Education Surviving 29 mints
6:30 Lanka, the other side of war and peace 77 mints
7:30 Temporary loss of consciousness 35 mints
8:00 Voyage 26 mints

8 December 2006

Madura College

10:00 Place to stay 06 mints
10:10 The Catch 35 mints
10:45 Thumpalil Indru kudiyarasu Dinam 10 mints
11:00 Kannamoochi 10 mints
11:15 Images that you didn’t see 05 mints
11:20 Song of the Road 02 mints
11:25 Asthamanam 11 mints
11:35 Poorvagrah 20 mints
12:00 Calcutta Pride March 12 mints
12:15 Portrait of Sakhi 07 mints
Lunch break
2:00 Smarana 32 mints
2:40 Holiday 47 mints
3:30 Waste As Development Aid 25 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Waiting 39 mints
3:45 Dancing Aloud 01 mint
3:50 Bare 10 mints
4:00 The Mall on top of my house 06 mints
4:10 Place to stay 06 mints
4:15 Bol Gow Bol 06 mints
4:20 Every Day 07 mints
4:30 Tales from the Margin 23 mints
Madurai Institute of Social Sciences

10 :00 Final Solution 72 mints
12:00 Notes from the Crematorium 30 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 K.P.Sasi and Sehjo package �

Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

5:00 The split city 70 mints
6:30 1000 days and a dream 60 mints
7:30 Kutti Japanin Kulandhaigal 70 mints

9 December 2006


10:00 Motion Report 17 mints
10:20 Pareliya 50 mints
11:30 A fellow of enterprise 07 mints
11:40 Natural Uruguay and Consciousness
of Washington 44 mints
12:30 The one tree project 24 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 The who walked mountains 32 mints
2:30 Audition 07 mints
2:40 Gaze 10 mints
2:50 Tune in 14 mints
3:10 Low tide 18 mints
3:30 Six minutes 15 mints
3:45 Talween 22 mints
4:20 Alo Alo 20 mints
4:40 A man in a cup 05 mints
4:45 Antonio’s Break fast 35 mints
5:30 Solace 12 mints
5:45 Fernando’s First Show 04 mints
5:50 Super Hero 04 mints
6:00 Seruppu 72 mints
7:30 Waiting 39 mints
7:40 Girl climbing trees 05 mints
7:45 The offering 10 mints

9 December 2006

Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, Madurai

10 a.m. Chhou Dance of Purlia 44mints
10:45 Samanvay 47 mints
11:30 Thumpalil Indru Kudiyarasu Dinam10 mints
11:40 Pee 26 mints
12:15 Kannamoochi 10 mints
12:30 Asthamaanam 11 mints
12:45 The Beard 24 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 Images that you didn’t see 5 mints
2:10 Kutti Japanin Kulandhaikal 72 mints
3:30 Song of the Road 02 mints
3:40 Pandiyarajan film

10 December 2006


10 a.m. Health Matters 77 mints
11:15 Older 09 mints
11:30 Apherghis 59 mints
1:00 Lunch break �
2:00 7 Islands and a Metro 70 mints
3:15 Printed Rainbow 15 mints
3:30 Q2P 53 mints
4:30 The House on Gulmohar
Avenue 30 mints
5:00 K.P.Sasi – retro 60mints
6:00 Bare 10 mints
6:15 Sehjo- retro 60 mints
7:15 Waiting 39 mints


“HOW THEY BECAME HOMELESS” a documentary by tony montgomery, this film is an incredible depiction of how some people wind up on the streets,substance abuse and criminal behavior heavily populates this group,there’s also lack of education family issues,and health matters that causes one to become homeless.


8th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006

6 –10 December 2006, Madurai

We, Marupakkam (the other side) a media action group based in Madurai have been organizing annual film festivals for documentaries in collaboration with local groups, organizations, colleges and trade unions since 1998.

Started as a response to the Pokran nuclear tests and the following euphoria nationwide, our festival has been a consistent, non-competitive and local event. The idea behind the festival is to introduce various documentaries and issues that are dealt with in the films. It is also an effort to take the films to the people of Madurai and the surrounding towns and villages. Each edition has its own method and format depending upon the requirement and possibilities.

Initially we started showing films in one venue with the expectation and experience of having audience from different places converging in. Some of the editions happened outside Madurai in a village. Some happened only in colleges. We kept changing the pattern to understand and to find a right combination. Finally we’ve arrived at this model of organizing in 5 venues almost simultaneously. For example, the coming edition will be in 3 colleges and 2 public venues. Last year we reached 10,000 people, as one of the venues was a village.

The following organizations have been continuously supporting us since 1998.

1) Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Madurai 2) SIRD, Madurai 3) Magic Lantern Foundation, New Delhi 4) SAMVADA, Bangalore 5) Third Eye Communication, Kochi 6) Pedestrian Pictures, Bangalore 7) MUTA, Madurai 8) American College, Madurai 9) Lady Doak College, Madurai 10) Madura College 11) Elavattam, Madurai 12) Yadhumagi Film Movement, Tirunelveli 13) Yadhartha Film Society, Madurai 14) Stencils Printers, Madurai 15) CESCI, Madurai

The support came in the form of providing us venue, equipment, free electricity, films, volunteers, and some money. The Films We’ve always screened documentaries with an open mind to different styles and perspectives, although we don’t screen films that support fascist ideology and any sort of fundamentalism. Generally we screen all the film we receive from the filmmakers unless there are some technical hiccups and political differences.

Our festival has been well supported by the independent documentary filmmakers of this country, as some of them have sent all their films to our festival. As we don’t have money to host the filmmakers, we generally don’t have filmmakers presenting their films. But still K.P.Sasi, Gopal Menon, Sehjo Singh, Sarat Chandran, Leena Manimekalai, R.Revathi and Pandiyarajan have visited our festival with their films and supported us.

We always believe in discussion after each screening unless the audience strongly objected to it. We also collect Rs.50 per person a entry fee/donation from the audience to meet our expenses. We also collect minimum donation from the voluntary organizations and individuals. Pedestrian Pictures and Third Eye Communication have been supporting us with their LCD projectors. Colleges would provide us their equipment while screenings take place within their campuses. The audience: Students, teachers, writers, activists, filmmakers, artists and of course common people are our regular audiences. Since we are organizing festivals in 5 venues in different parts of Madurai we cover both “converted” and general audiences.

This Edition: We’ve added a new section in the coming festival and that is retrospective section. Sehjo Singh and K.P.Sasi have agreed to bring their best 5 films and present them. Magic Lantern Foundation will bring their package of films. We have received 52 films directly from both within and outside India. We’ve also requested Saba Dewan to help us in bringing the Labour package that was screened at 3 Screens Festival 2006, New Delhi. Rakesh Sharma has obliged to be with us to present the Tamil version of his film ‘Final Solution’.

We are going to screen the films on 6-10 of December 2006 in following venues 1) Madura College – equipment, hall, electricity taken care off by the college. 2) Lady Doak College – equipment, hall, electricity taken care off by the college. 3) Tamilnadu Theological Seminary 4) American College – equipment, hall, electricity taken care off by the college. 5) MUTA Hall, Madurai. – Hall and electricity taken care off by the hall owners.

The Collector of Madurai District has agreed to inaugurate the festival and ‘Printed Rainbow’ by Geentanjali Rao will be the inaugural film at Madura College at 10 a.m. on 6 December 2006. We’ve included short films this year for a change as there has been a demand from the audience for it.

Amudhan R.P.


8th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006 Madurai.

09344156392 0452-2523992

PS. We are going to premiere our new film ‘Seruppu’ (slippers/cheppal/footwear) in this festival.


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The Truth Behind the Fiction documentary series explores the realities that inspired some of the most celebrated feature films in recent memory. One Day in September is about the killing of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics, the subject of Steven Spielberg’s drama Munich. The documentary Favela Rising and Fernando Meirelles’s extraordinary feature City of God are both about the rise of youth and drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro. The psychology of young Americans going to war is brutally depicted in both the new Iraq war documentary The Ground Truth and Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam classic Full Metal Jacket. The world of old school tap dancing and jazz unite in Robert Altman’s Black and Blue and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Cotton Club, and the Nazis’ plundering of cultural treasures finds expression in both The Rape of Europa and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Rape of Europa
Thursday, December 7, 2006
8:00 PM

The Ground Truth
Thursday, January 11, 2007
8:00 Pm

One Day in September
Thursday, February 1, 2007
8:00 PM

Black and Blue
Thursday, February 22, 2007
8:00 PM

Favela Rising
Thursday, March 29, 2007
8:00 PM

Keeping Time
Thursday, April 19, 2007
8:00 PM

MASS MoCA is located at 87 Marshall Street, North Adams, MA 01247. For tickets, call 413-662-2111, or visit us online at


MYTVBIZ.COM allows Film makers and distributors to upload and sell quality digital content, for which they own the rights to. Cutting edge tools needed to stream and sell video content online are all provided for you, all you have to do is upload your content and set a price.

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scene from Jews of Iran8th Los Angeles Sephardic Jewish Film Festival
Tuesday, November 14th 2006, 7:30 PM
Laemmle Music Hall Theatre
9036 Wilshire Blvd,
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

6th Nashville Jewish Film Festival
Wednesday, November 15th 2006, 7:00 PM
The Belcourt Theatre
2102 Belcourt Avenue,
Hillsboro Village, Nashville, USA

More info about this film and online purchse


DocMaroc – A brand new intensive documentary training course in Tangier, Morocco. 9th – 24th December

2006 (Includes Travel days)

The aim of this residential course is to allow participants to immerse themselves totally in the practice of documentary filmmaking. Each student writes, shoots and edits their very own short documentary film. There is an emphasis on hands-on training and respect for the creative process. The course is intensive, practical and most of all, a lot of fun! Over the two-week course six overseas participants will work in collaboration with six emerging Moroccan documentary filmmakers, exchanging and developing ideas together and everyone will make a short documentary.

The course includes the following elements:
Digital Camera, Lighting and Sound – Learn to use professional DV Cameras through a range of practical exercises. The tutors will help you get to grips with advanced lighting, sound recording and camera techniques that will make your film stand out.
Researching & Planning Your Film – We will assist you in following leads and scouting locations as well as suggesting possible local stories of interest. You will be taught interview techniques and provide you with interpreters to help you on location and whilst editing.
Shooting Your Film – You will direct your own film and crew on other films, so that you will become familiar with shooting, sound recording and interviewing as well as the skills involved in producing, production management and working within a film crew.
Preparing for the Edit – Logging and organising your rushes/tapes, pre-selecting footage, and understanding the fundamentals of the paper edit.

Editing – Using state-of-the-art Mac work stations with Final Cut Pro, you will learn the essentials of a documentary edit and put these skills into practice as you edit your film.

Price: £1300 + VAT - Includes tuition, use of camera and Editing equipment, accommodation, food and a comprehensive handbook for the course.

Working Language: English (with translation to French& Arabic)
Location: The course will be held at a purpose built training environment at the Cinémathèque de Tanger, a new artist-run theatre for independent film events and workshops. Application Deadline: 13th November

To find out more see or e-mail


Footage at reasonable prices!

(416)699 FILM (3456)

e-mail nlundy@adventurefilmproductionscanada.Com

The AFP archive contains footage going back to the beginning of the 1900’s. We’ve got everything from wars to a marijuana festival in Amsterdam to a total eclipse of the sun shot in Dachau. Historical shots … yep we’ve got ‘em …. weird and wacky …. yep! Do we have every shot you’ll need … probably not … but give us a shot.

Check our web site … this list is just the tip of the iceberg (and we have shots of icebergs too). By the way .. our services also include script writing.