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The work of Adelaide-based artist-filmmakers Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling continues to shine beyond their expectations. Having traveled the world and reached a projected audience in comfortable excess of 10000, their short experimental documentary ‘A Shift in Perception’ is now enjoying its online premiere at the Con-Can Film Festival, based in Japan.

The prestigious event, now in its fourth year, saw the film selected as one of only twenty films selected worldwide from a field of over eight hundred. Having previously won awards in Mexico, Canada, the USA and Australia, the support of its already broad audience gives it a strong chance of making the festival’s Grand Final and major prize round. The film explores blindness through the senses and words of three South Australian women.

“When you’re packing and posting out copies of your work to festivals, it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear you’ve been selected.” says Monceaux, 26 of Leabrook. “The timing for our online debut couldn’t have been better though. We’ve had a good run of screenings since last November, and online media from the Super8 community and the documentary one have been very supportive of our efforts, offering oodles of encouragement.”

The film has recently piqued the interest of a Canadian distributor who has expressed interested in reviewing the film for distribution in the USA and Canada, and Emma and Dan are enthusiastic about their young business having an impact abroad.

“When Danimations began I was working freelance with illustration, photography and graphic design jobs. Most of that work was for advertising and small business. Finding personal stories in our community and sharing them with the world as documentary films is a far more satisfying process, and is beginning to look like a sustainable business. The success of our first short documentary has attracted the interest of several more established collaborators and the future looks bright.”

Working out of their home in Leabrook and building their industry network via the internet, Danimations has also recently entered the international Citizen Super8 project. A collaborative filmmaking enterprise initiated by a group of film makers from as far a field as Iran, Uganda and the UK, each filmmaker’s brief is to explore an aspect of local and global citizenship with their own short documentary shot on Super8 film. The Danimations inclusion which will commence production shortly, will peep into the world of a man who rebuilt a life as an artist after a fateful brain injury. Monceaux’s debut ‘A Shift in Perception’ can be seen online at until July 17th, or in person at the Sydney International Film Festival, Sydney, Australia in June.


After screening in nineteen countries and winning accolades at home and abroad, the locally (South Australian) produced experimental documentary film ‘A Shift in Perception’ has pushed filmmakers Dan Monceaux and Emma Sterling into the international spotlight. Currently screening at the Burnside Library as part of the exhibition ‘Watch This Space’ until May 4th, the film has shared the stories of three vision impaired women from the Port Adelaide Enfield area with audiences the world over.

“Since the film premiered at IDFA in the Netherlands last November (like the Cannes of documentary), it’s continued to surprise us. The film’s now screened as far a field as Uruguay and Croatia, and has won several awards at festivals in the USA and Canada. It won first prize at the Black Maria Film & Video Festival in New Jersey, and is currently in their touring program, with over seventy scheduled screenings in cinemas, art galleries, libraries and universities. Locally we’ve screened at Adelaide International Film Festival, and Sydney International Film Festival has it programmed for their prestigious event in June. The audience it’s reaching is enormous.”

For the dedicated young couple, the thrills keep coming with FreeSpeechTV, an American cable and satellite network buying a license to broadcast the work to a potential audience of 130 million viewers. The Danimations team has also been selling the film through their website to people internationally, and are currently producing a version for the education market to be distributed in Australia by Ronin Films.

“The reward of reaching such a wide audience is wonderful,” says Monceaux. “The film aimed to provide its viewers with insight into the blind person’s world, and clearly it’s a concept that appeals to regardless of culture or verbal language. The film puts you inside the heads of its subjects- Leander, Rhonda and Edna- and does so in an often abstract way. The result is a conversational narrative from the women illustrated experimentally- a far cry from traditional documentary.”

The exhibition currently screening the work at Burnside Library is a showcase of emerging artists’ artwork with a focus on animation and short film- a perfect match for ‘A Shift in Perception’.  Incorporating techniques of time lapse, animation and soft-focus, the work premiered locally at Higher Ground, Adelaide during the South Australian living Artists’ Festival last year. The film is also available for sale at the Royal Society for the Blind’s Low Vision Centre, 230 Pirie St, with part proceeds going to the organisation.


Visit the film’s website for more details:



Charismatic to some and revolting to others. Joe Redner is most often associated with owning one of the most famous nude clubs in America, the Mons Venus.

Although Joe has been fighting the city’s zoning laws, and winning, since the 1970’s, Joe Redner and the Mons Venus came into the national spotlight in 1999 when Tampa’s City Council, with support from Mayor Dick Greco, tried to ban lap dancing. The city ordinance passed, but not without an explosive fight that made national headlines with feature stories on ABC’s “20/20” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

Many terms have been used to describe Joe, including: pimp, pervert, patriot, philanderer, politician, instigator, intellectual, self- promoter, humanitarian, hypocrite, publicity hound, male pig, exploiter, criminal, narcissist, hero and genius.

This is the FIRST full- feature, completely independent documentary to explore the life of legendary Florida strip club owner, Joe Redner, also known as the father of the nude lap dance.

Directed by Shelby McIntyre and produced by Chris Woods, this documentary explores the man that has been arrested over 140 times, earned his GED in jail at the age of 40, became an avid student of the law, got clean and sober in the mid- 1980’s, and has run for local public office 7 times.

With interviews from family members, friends, and foes, this documentary explores the many facets of the enigma named Joe Redner, not just what you have seen on the TV and in newspapers.

Whether you love him or hate him this intriguing documentary makes you want to watch him every step of the way!!

No Average Joe: The Story of Joe Redner will be complete this Summer 2007.


The Department of Media Studies at The New School is now accepting applications for its fall 2007 Documentary Media Studies certificate program. Launched in September 2006, this one-year intensive program is designed for college graduates and working professionals interested in hands-on documentary filmmaking. Working closely with faculty and visiting filmmakers like D.A. Pennebaker and Peter Davis, students are encouraged to use the documentary medium to create works of social and political significance.

The program offers a select group of students the unique opportunity to learn about documentary history, theory and video and film production in the heart of New York City. The curriculum culminates with a 30-minute individual documentary, which each student films and edits over the course of the program. Upon completion, students may apply their credits toward a master’s degree in media studies at The New School — the largest media studies MA program in the country — or use their skills to enter the world of professional documentary filmmaking.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please visit or call 212.229.5630.


The Boy from Out of This World, a new documentary by director Elle Schneider has just begun production in Los Angeles. The film explores the making of Tom Graeff’s 1959 monster flick Teenagers From Outer Space, as well as the history and evolutions of the B movie as a medium rebelling against the studio system.
Boy features interviews with Troma president Lloyd Kaufman, MST3K’s Michael J. Nelson, Bryan Pearson (“Thor” in Teenagers, as Bryan Grant), other members of the film’s cast, B movie directors, and professors from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

The film’s website, will document the research and discoveries made about Teenagers while the doc is filming, and make that information available publicly to TFOS lovers and B movie enthusiasts.

The film should premiere at festivals in early 2007.

Keep watching the skies!


8th Madurai Documentary and Short Film Festival 2006

Venues: Madura College, Tamilnadu Theological Seminary, Lady Doak College, Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, MUTA Hall and Usilampatti

6 December 2006

Madura College

12:00 Printed Rainbow 15 mints
12:20 Tales from the Margins 23 mints
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Kol Tales 62 mints
3:10 Bol Gow Bol 06 mints
3:15 The Mall on top of my house 06 mints
4:00 Bare 10 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Ilayum Mullum 90 mints
Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

5:30 Final Solution 74 mints
6:45 The House on the Gulmohar Avenue 30 mints
7 December 2006

Madura College

10:00 Final Solution 72 mints
11:30 The Right to Survive 52 mints
1:00 Lunch Break
2:00 Dancing Aloud 01 mints
2:05 Every Day 07 mints
2:15 The Beard 24 mints
2:45 Luminous Shadows 43 mints
3:30 The One Tree Project 24 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Sehjo Film and discussion 60 mints
4:00 Q2P 53 mints
Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

6:00 Karen Education Surviving 29 mints
6:30 Lanka, the other side of war and peace 77 mints
7:30 Temporary loss of consciousness 35 mints
8:00 Voyage 26 mints

8 December 2006

Madura College

10:00 Place to stay 06 mints
10:10 The Catch 35 mints
10:45 Thumpalil Indru kudiyarasu Dinam 10 mints
11:00 Kannamoochi 10 mints
11:15 Images that you didn’t see 05 mints
11:20 Song of the Road 02 mints
11:25 Asthamanam 11 mints
11:35 Poorvagrah 20 mints
12:00 Calcutta Pride March 12 mints
12:15 Portrait of Sakhi 07 mints
Lunch break
2:00 Smarana 32 mints
2:40 Holiday 47 mints
3:30 Waste As Development Aid 25 mints
Lady Doak College

3:00 Waiting 39 mints
3:45 Dancing Aloud 01 mint
3:50 Bare 10 mints
4:00 The Mall on top of my house 06 mints
4:10 Place to stay 06 mints
4:15 Bol Gow Bol 06 mints
4:20 Every Day 07 mints
4:30 Tales from the Margin 23 mints
Madurai Institute of Social Sciences

10 :00 Final Solution 72 mints
12:00 Notes from the Crematorium 30 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 K.P.Sasi and Sehjo package �

Tamilnadu Theological Seminary

5:00 The split city 70 mints
6:30 1000 days and a dream 60 mints
7:30 Kutti Japanin Kulandhaigal 70 mints

9 December 2006


10:00 Motion Report 17 mints
10:20 Pareliya 50 mints
11:30 A fellow of enterprise 07 mints
11:40 Natural Uruguay and Consciousness
of Washington 44 mints
12:30 The one tree project 24 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 The who walked mountains 32 mints
2:30 Audition 07 mints
2:40 Gaze 10 mints
2:50 Tune in 14 mints
3:10 Low tide 18 mints
3:30 Six minutes 15 mints
3:45 Talween 22 mints
4:20 Alo Alo 20 mints
4:40 A man in a cup 05 mints
4:45 Antonio’s Break fast 35 mints
5:30 Solace 12 mints
5:45 Fernando’s First Show 04 mints
5:50 Super Hero 04 mints
6:00 Seruppu 72 mints
7:30 Waiting 39 mints
7:40 Girl climbing trees 05 mints
7:45 The offering 10 mints

9 December 2006

Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, Madurai

10 a.m. Chhou Dance of Purlia 44mints
10:45 Samanvay 47 mints
11:30 Thumpalil Indru Kudiyarasu Dinam10 mints
11:40 Pee 26 mints
12:15 Kannamoochi 10 mints
12:30 Asthamaanam 11 mints
12:45 The Beard 24 mints
1:00 Lunch break
2:00 Images that you didn’t see 5 mints
2:10 Kutti Japanin Kulandhaikal 72 mints
3:30 Song of the Road 02 mints
3:40 Pandiyarajan film

10 December 2006


10 a.m. Health Matters 77 mints
11:15 Older 09 mints
11:30 Apherghis 59 mints
1:00 Lunch break �
2:00 7 Islands and a Metro 70 mints
3:15 Printed Rainbow 15 mints
3:30 Q2P 53 mints
4:30 The House on Gulmohar
Avenue 30 mints
5:00 K.P.Sasi – retro 60mints
6:00 Bare 10 mints
6:15 Sehjo- retro 60 mints
7:15 Waiting 39 mints


Now that the entry period has ended, PUNTO DE VISTA can announce that it has received 408 films for competition. A selection process shall be applied in order to arrive at the titles of the films which shall finally compete for the awards at the festival itself, to be held in Pamplona from the 23rd of February to the 3rd of March 2007.

By category, the International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra has received 245 full-length films and 163 short documentaries from 46 different countries. 34 of these entries are co-productions between two or more countries.

By country, documentaries produced in Spain account for the largest number with 155 films, followed by the United States with 23, Great Britain and France with 20, Germany with 14, Argentina and Belgium with 13, and the Netherlands with 10. The Punto de Vista Festival has received 9 films from India, 8 from Poland, 7 apiece from Mexico and Iran, and 6 from Chile, Portugal and Switzerland. Russia and Turkey are competing with 5 documentaries, Canada and Finland with 4, and Israel, Italy and Lithuania with 3. Australia, Bosnia, Denmark, Peru, Romania and Serbia have each sent 2 films. Afghanistan, Armenia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Columbia, Croatia, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Japan, Montenegro, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and Venezuela have each entered one film for the competition.

Those documentaries finally selected, to be screened in Pamplona during the festival, shall opt for the Punto de Vista First Prize for the Best Film (€ 9,000), the Jean Vigo Prize for the Best Director (€ 5,000), the Prize for the Best Short Film (€ 3,500) and the Audience’s Special Prize (€ 2,500). The international jury may also award up to two special mentions, involving a prize of € 1,000 each.

The principal novelty among the prizes is the creation of the Jean Vigo Prize for the Best Director in the Official Competition Section, to be awarded as of 2007. This new award strengthens both the spirit which inspired the festival in the first place and its commitment to the work of Jean Vigo from the very outset. The creation of the prize has been possible thanks to the close ties between Punto de Vista and the family of the great French filmmaker.

In addition to the Official Section, the Punto de Vista Festival programme is also to include different informative sections, retrospectives, presentations and premieres.

The 2007 IMAGE
The pictures used on the Punto de Vista 2007 poster were chosen from the “KIEV 12” series by Navarra-born photographer Clemente Bernad. The photographs were taken by Bernad on his visit to Orphanage 12, a state institution for orphaned and abandoned children with learning problems in Kiev (Ukraine). The orphanage has close ties with the Burlada-based NGO Arco Iris Solidario.

The entire “Kiev 12” series will be on show in Civican during the Punto de Vista Festival. The exhibition portrays the lives of the children at this educational centre from Clemente Bernal’s own personal point of view.


“HOW THEY BECAME HOMELESS” a documentary by tony montgomery, this film is an incredible depiction of how some people wind up on the streets,substance abuse and criminal behavior heavily populates this group,there’s also lack of education family issues,and health matters that causes one to become homeless.



Extended Deadline is December 15th for Special 10th Anniversary Festival

SONOMA, Calif. (December 4, 2006) – The Sonoma Valley Film Festival has extended its final deadline for film entries until December 15, 2006. The Festival is currently accepting submissions in an array of categories, to play at its exciting 10th anniversary event, which will take place April 11 – 15, 2007.

All submissions to the 2007 Sonoma Valley Film Festival must be submitted online at, which also features submission rules, fees and eligibility information. Detailed Festival information is also available at

Set in the heart of California’s historic and lush Wine Country, named one of America’s “Top Ten Best Vacation Film Festivals,” and called a “Cinematic magic carpet ride” by IFC News, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival prides itself on providing every filmmaker unique opportunities to mingle with breakthrough artists and industry leaders in one of the most intimate, unpretentious and indulgent settings in the world.

Sponsored by Entertainment Weekly and FOOD & WINE magazines, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival offers all of the excitement, press exposure and stars of larger festivals without the hectic atmosphere or distracting handlers.

Adding to the industry buzz, the Festival also announced today that it will celebrate its special 10th Anniversary event in 2007 with a star-studded tribute to two-time Academy Award®-winning director John Lasseter.

This special evening will feature a look back at Mr. Lasseter’s groundbreaking career, from visionary independent to entertainment industry powerhouse as the world’s most popular cinematic storyteller. The evening will also feature guest appearances and toasts from Mr. Lasseter’s friends and creative collaborators, including many of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, writers, directors and industry leaders.

–Read the rest of this entry »

26 is the newly formed European division of Reality Entertainment working in association with Reality Films. With award winning directors, presenters and musicians on board are looking for people to join the fold and showcasing the various skills available.

With the successful launch of several DVD documentaries and the launch of the in-house band, Soul Path, already have a growing list of experts for people interested in having their book turned into an audio book or DVD. believe strongly that the future of books and concepts lies in the new technology of downloadable audio books and documentaries, as well as DVD’s. Many authors are now turning to these technologies as a way of getting their message across and making something out of their work for a change. Open to authors, script writers and publishers,’s great and unique new way forward is the answer to all these things. Working from studio’s based in the UK and with an expanding list of voice-over experts, directors, presenters, sound technicians, special fx experts, editors and much more, are already working on some major new projects – including several UFO documentaries. With in-house musicians capable of writing music to any genre and with the backing of a huge catalogue of records via Reality Entertainment, can provide just about anything you may need, from Marcy Playground and K. C. and the Sunshine Band to heavy rock and even Enya style music via Soul Path.

For more information, go to or email


We, Marupakkam (the otherside) a media activist group based in Madurai, are planning to organise our 8th Madurai documentary and short film festival 2006 in Madurai on 6-10 December 2006.

We are planning to screen 100 plus films in 5 venues including 3 colleges in Madurai. Students, teachers, artists, filmmakers, activists, writers and of course general public are our audiences.

Ours is a non-competitive festival. We have included a retrospective section this year and would screen best films of filmmakers K.P.Sasi and Sehjo Singh.

Magic Lantern Foundation from New Delhi, Pedestrian Pictures from Bangalore, Third Eye Communications from Kochi and various educational institutions are part of the organising team.


GL Productions newest documentary, THE HEALING PROPHET: SOLANUS CASEY (58 minutes) will first have a screening at The Solanus Casey Center on Dec. 16th at 11:00am and 2pm. It will air on WTVS, Detroit Public Television, from 10pm-11pm on December 20th, with subsequent showings for several years thereafter. The documentary will also be broadcast worldwide through EWTN (Eternal World Television). An extended dvd version of the program is available directly from the producers.


A pre-holiday shopping reminder that The Documentary Film Makers Handbook, the new book in the best selling The Guerilla FIlm Makers Handbook series is available now. The book discusses how to get your doc made from a practical standpoint. We interviewed over 110 documentary industry professionals from such places as HBO, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, an editor, a DP, Sundance, etc., to get their expert advice on what a filmmaker would NEED to know about their field. In addition, we conducted 24 case studies with working filmmakers such as the teams behind MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, BORN INTO BROTHELS, CONTROL ROOM, DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS, TREMBLING BEFORE F-D to hear their inspirational war stories on how they got their films made.

To purchase the book go to The book is also available at all major and independent bookstores in the US and Canada – next week the UK and Europe.


Andrew Zinnes
Co-Author, The Documentary Film Makers Handbook



The Truth Behind the Fiction documentary series explores the realities that inspired some of the most celebrated feature films in recent memory. One Day in September is about the killing of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics, the subject of Steven Spielberg’s drama Munich. The documentary Favela Rising and Fernando Meirelles’s extraordinary feature City of God are both about the rise of youth and drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro. The psychology of young Americans going to war is brutally depicted in both the new Iraq war documentary The Ground Truth and Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam classic Full Metal Jacket. The world of old school tap dancing and jazz unite in Robert Altman’s Black and Blue and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Cotton Club, and the Nazis’ plundering of cultural treasures finds expression in both The Rape of Europa and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Rape of Europa
Thursday, December 7, 2006
8:00 PM

The Ground Truth
Thursday, January 11, 2007
8:00 Pm

One Day in September
Thursday, February 1, 2007
8:00 PM

Black and Blue
Thursday, February 22, 2007
8:00 PM

Favela Rising
Thursday, March 29, 2007
8:00 PM

Keeping Time
Thursday, April 19, 2007
8:00 PM

MASS MoCA is located at 87 Marshall Street, North Adams, MA 01247. For tickets, call 413-662-2111, or visit us online at


Entry Deadline is November 15th for Special 10th Anniversary Festival

SONOMA, Calif. (November 1, 2006) – The Sonoma Valley Film Festival announced today that it is currently accepting film entries in an array of categories, to play at its exciting 10th anniversary event, which will take place April 11 – 15, 2007. Final deadline for film submissions is November 15, 2006. All submissions to the 2007 Sonoma Valley Film Festival must be submitted online at, which also features submission rules, fees and eligibility information. Detailed Festival information is also available at .

Set in the heart of California’s historic and lush Wine Country, named one of America’s “Top Ten Best Vacation Film Festivals,” and called a “Cinematic magic carpet ride” by IFC News, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival prides itself on providing every filmmaker unique opportunities to mingle with breakthrough artists and industry leaders in one of the most intimate, unpretentious and indulgent settings in the world.

Sponsored by Entertainment Weekly magazine, the Sonoma Valley Film Festival offers all of the excitement, press exposure and stars of larger festivals without the hectic atmosphere or distracting handlers. With unique opportunities for personal and relaxed face-time with key industry players, Sonoma has become a unique and seductive venue for launching independent films, as well as a hot zone for some of the best independent films of the year. Nearly one third of the feature films playing at last year’s Festival received theatrical release and national distribution deals.

To recognize outstanding achievements in filmmaking, films selected for competition have the chance to win over $10,000 in cash and prizes for prestigious jury and audience awards. Prize packages, which continue to be enhanced and enriched, will grow as the Festival approaches. Sonoma presents over 75 independent films annually, including feature length narratives, documentaries, shorts, and student films. This year will also feature a special animation category.

Filmmakers are the ultimate VIPs in Sonoma, indulging in Sonoma’s trademark “Cinema Epicuria” experience, with gourmet food and wine tastings before every film screening, curated by the world’s only film festival sommelier. Each year, filmmakers are also treated to a dazzling schedule, including insider winery excursions, private luncheons, and a totally unique hospitality program that welcomes guests to stay in the most lovely and luxurious private homes in town.

Sonoma plays host to VIP receptions, filmmaker panels, an awards program, and special tributes to cinematic legends. World-class film programming, paired with the best of Wine Country cuisine in a stunning natural setting, make this an incomparably rich experience on the international festival circuit.

Industry stars who have participated in the Sonoma Valley Film Festival include Alexander Payne, Bruce Willis, Danny Glover, Blythe Danner, Jon Favreau, Mark Romanek, Jena Malone, Agnieska Holland, Tony Shalhoub, Francis Ford Coppola and Robin Williams, among others.

For more information, visit .


Hello, everyone. I am the co-author of The Documentary Film Makers Handbook, a new book in The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series. Just wanted to tell everyone that after two years in the making, the book is now available for purchase at Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and most other bookstores.

We interviewed over 110 documentary industry professionals from every field (DP, editor, distributor, funder, broadcaster, etc.) and asked them the questions that you would NEED to know the answers to in order to make your doc. In these interviews, we also spoke to 24 working filmmakers who discuss their experiences making their films. Some of the films chronicled are MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, CONTROL ROOM, MAD HOT BALLROOM, DOGTOWN & Z-BOYS, WHY WE FIGHT?, LA SIERRA, MY DATE WITH DREW and TREMBLING BEFORE G-D.

There is also a Global Perspective chapter where you can get an insight into filmmaking, funding and distribution around the world, which given today’s climate is how many docs get made.

Here is the Amazon link to the book which is bright orange! To learn more about the book and myself, go to I hope you enjoy it and it is helpful.


Andrew Zinnes
Co-author, The Documentary Film Makers Handbook 310-837-1982


The festival strengthens its ties with the French filmmaker.

As of the next festival, Punto de Vista shall be awarding the Jean Vigo Prize to the best director (€ 5,000) from among those taking part in the Official Competition Section. The new award aims to strengthen both the spirit which inspired the festival in the first place and its commitment to the work of Jean Vigo. The creation of this prize has been made possible thanks to the close ties between PUNTO DE VISTA and the family of the great French filmmaker.

As you will remember, Punto de Vista paid tribute to the director of Zero de Conduite on the centenary of his birth in 2005. Luce Vigo, film critic and daughter of Vigo and Elizabeth Lozinska, attended that year. The festival provided an opportunity to look back on Vigo’s entire filmography and also represented the first step in a relationship which has now fructified in the form of this award. As you will already know, the Festival took its name, Punto de Vista (Point of View), as a tribute to Vigo, the first director to refer, back in the 30’s, to a “documented point of view” as a distinctive sign of a form of filmmaking which commits the filmmaker.

This is the first prize in Spain associated with the memory of the director of L´Atalante, but in France, the Prix Jean Vigo is closely related to some of the best filmmaking of the last 50 years. The Prix Jean Vigo was created in France in 1951 as a means of promoting young filmmakers with the greatest prospects. Figures such as Alain Resnais, Chris Marker, Claude Chabrol and Jean-Luc Godard can all be named among its winners.

With all this evocations, it is an honour for Punto de Vista that, as of 2007, the festival shall be an accredited platform dedicated to the memory of Vigo, rewarding the most audacious, directors of non-fiction. A place for the films of tomorrow. Punto de Vista would like to thank the Vigo family for the support and generosity which they have given to the festival.

The second deadline for films for the Official Competition Section closes on the 9th of November. This deadline is only for documentary films produced after the 1st of August 2006.

Punto de Vista, which is to be held in Pamplona from the 23rd of February to the 3rd of March 2007, has received 263 films during the first registration period. The competition rules and the registration form are available on the festival Web site


Official Prizes
– “Punto de Vista” First Prize for the best film: 9.000 euro
– Prize Jean Vigo for the best Director: 5.000 euro
– First Prize for the best short film: 3.500 euro

Special Prizes
– The Audience’s Special Prize for the best film: 2.500 euro
– Special mentions: The Jury will be able to award up to three special mentions, worth 1.000 euro each


Dan Berger, THINKFilm, (212) 444-7900,
New York, May 10 – THINKFilm has acquired the rights to BLOOD AND TEARS, a documentary about the Arab-Israeli conflict, it was announced today. Isidore Rosmarin, with 20 years of major network experience, including CBS “60 Minutes,” NBC “Dateline,” Court TV, and A&E, directed and produced the film. His co-producer was Jeff Helmreich, with Michael Dan and Robert Topol serving as executive producers.
BLOOD AND TEARS: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Like an open wound that will not heal the Arab-Israeli conflict refuses to be resolved. Acclaimed documentary producer and director, Isidore Rosmarin, and co-producer, Jeff Helmreich, have made BLOOD AND TEARS – the definitive film on this seemingly irresolvable conflict. Rosmarin uncovers the truth beneath the hype and the headlines. Rosmarin and his team of Middle East experts have gone right to the source: the ministers and mullahs, the fanatics and peaceniks, the soldiers and terrorists, and the ordinary families battling extraordinary forces as they try to live a normal life. They have interviewed top officials from both sides, from former Israeli Prime Ministers to senior Palestinian officials to the leaders of the militant extremist group Hamas, Sheikh Bitawi and the late Dr. Abdel aziz Rantisi. They have also interviewed renowned Mideast scholars Bernard Lewis & Fouad Ajami and the foremost Palestinian scholar, Rashid Khalidi. BLOOD AND TEARS explores the origin of the confrontation itself, and challenges many of the deep-rooted myths we all hold about this epicenter of human conflict.

“… An excellent film with extraordinary value,” Dennis Ross, Mideast Envoy, Clinton Admin.
“… A powerful, must-see film,” Prof. Akbar Ahmed, Islamic Studies Chair, American Univ.
“… A remarkable achievement,” Dr. Bernard Lewis, Islamic Scholar, Princeton Univ.
“… A moving, well crafted, strong piece of work,” Michael Medved, nationally syndicated film critic
“… Painfully objective and powerful,” Jay Bushinsky, Mideast Bureau Chief, Infinity Broadcasting
“… An outstanding and dramatic film,” Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School�
“ … Enhances the confidence of peace advocates on both sides,” Muhammad Muslih, LI Univ.
“… A masterful, cinematic exploration of the Arab- Israeli Conflict,” Liel Leibowitz, Jewish Week
“… Unbiased and clear-sighted,” Bret Stephens, Editor, Wall Street Journal
“… A landmark film that gives new insight to the conflict,” Akhtar Faruqui,

THINKFilm received its fourth Oscar nomination earlier this year with MURDERBALL, which was up for a Best Documentary Feature award. Its 2005 comedy smash, THE ARISTOCRATS, was just released on DVD and their recent theatrical release, the Beastie Boys musical extravaganza AWESOME; I F*#&%N’ SHOT THAT!, had its world premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and opened commercially on March 31st. THINKFilm is a privately held company with offices in New York and Toronto. For information, please go to
# # #


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