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I am posting this message on behalf of Northern Illinois
University and the Reality Bytes Student Documentary
Film Festival. The festival is currently in its
seventh year under the directorship of Dr. Laura
Vazquez and is continuing to grow. The event prides
itself on being open only to students and being
affordable with only a $20 entry fee.

The submission deadline for students is February 15,
2007 and the documentaries must be under 30 minutes
length. Any style or genre of documentary will be
accepted. Application forms can be viewed and printed
as a PDF file on the official website

The screening event will be held on March 23, 2007 and
cash prizes will be awarded. The best of festival
winner will receive $200 and Avid video editing
software, second place will receive $150 and third
place will receive $100.

Submission details for students are
included on the website and below.

Thank you,

Mark Pietrowski
Public Relations Director
E-mail –

Submission details: Each entry must include a copy of
the student’s ID card and must be accompanied by an
entry form and check.

All video submitted to the festival must be in NTSC
format. Submissions must be accompanied by a 1/2″ VHS
copy (or DVD) of the video. Festival winners will be
notified in advance of the final screening at which
time a DV tape can be submitted.

Send entries to:
Northern Illinois University
Department of Communication
c/o Dr. Laura Vazquez
Watson Hall 213
DeKalb, IL 60115

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